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Please note: You only need to register / login if you wish to make representations.


Joint Local Plan Consultation Portal - User Assistance

Welcome to the Joint Local Plan Consultation Portal. Here are some useful tips to help you use Babergh & Mid Suffolk District Councils new online consultation tool. This consultation portal provides an interactive means to view and comment on documents during public consultation periods.


Viewing consultation documents

You can view a list of consultation documents on the Consultation Home page and click on the document you wish to read. You can currently view the Joint Local Plan Consultation Document in one of two ways. Firstly, you can view the document in an interactive format which allows you to comment on certain parts of the plan as you read it. Alternatively you can download parts of the document, background topic papers and the Sustainability Appraisal in a PDF format.

Consultation documents can be viewed without being a registered user of the Strategic Planning Consultation Portal. However, if you wish to make a representation you will need to register as a user and be logged in.

Becoming a Registered User

Register your details with the Council by clicking ‘Register now’ on the Consultation Home page.

You will be prompted to supply a contact name, e-mail address, and postal address. This will enable us to contact you to confirm that your representation has been received by the council.

If you wish to return to the site in the future, you will need to login using the email address and password you registered with. If you forget your login details, you can reset them by selecting ‘request a new password’ on the Consultation Home page.

User Menus

When logged in to the consultation portal, the login in box at the top of the screen is replaced by your User Name and a menu bar. This menu bar depicts the following options:

  • My details – select to enable you to update your, or your organisation’s contact details.
  • My Representations – select to view your previously submitted representations.
  • Log out – click to end your consultation session

Two buttons will remain at the top of the page regardless of being logged in or not:

1. Consultation Home: click on ‘Consultation Home’ on any page within in the portal and you will return to the home page depicting ‘Current Documents open to public consultation’,’ Forthcoming Documents’, ‘Adopted Documents’ and ‘Draft & Historic Documents’.

2. Search Representations: this button opens a search facility with on screen prompts to help you find a specific Representation.

Making and Viewing Representations

Representations can be drafted, saved for review at a later date and submitted. (To do this you need to be a registered user therefore it is advisable to register as outlined above before following the guidance below.)

1. Go to website address: https://baberghmidsuffolk.jdi-consult.net/localplan/

2. Log in using your email address and password

3. On the Consultation Home page, scroll to the list of documents ‘Open for public consultation’ and select the document you wish to comment on.

4. Use the contents list to select the section of the document that you want to respond to.

5. Click on the pencil icon Write to view the online response form that will allow you to submit representations.

6. Click on the magnifying glass View icon to view any representations that have been made.

Please note: Representations are verified throughout the consultation. However, if large volumes are received there will be a delay between submitting a Representation and it being available to view.

You will receive an email from BMSDC Local Plan (baberghmidsuffolk@jdi-consult.net) titled 'Representation received. ID:...' which records the comments you have submitted against a specific site, option or question. You will receive a separate email for each form that you complete. 

Document Key

To search for representations in the documents, first open up the document you are interested in then look for the icons shown below:

Write Click this icon to make a representation (during consultation periods)
View Click this icon to view other people's representations.
View Disabled Indicates that no other representations have been made on this item.
Map Indicates that this policy is represented on the proposals map. To view the proposals map click the globe icon

Options within the document are highlighted in a blue box with a grey border. Consultation questions are highlighted in a pink box with a grey border. 


Online Mapping

The Councils have launched a new interactive mapping system where you can view the outcomes of the Strategic Housing & Economic Land Availability Assessment, proposed changes to the settlement boundaries and town centre boundaries. 

To view what is proposed in your area:

1. Go to website address or click the link: https://baberghmidsuffolk.opus4.co.uk/planning/localplan/maps/consultation/

2. Enter your postcode in the address search bar. Alternatively a scroler is located to the left of the screen which allows you to zoom in and out of the map;

3. Use the 'Map Layers' bar to turn on and off the information you wish to see;

4. To comment on a particular site or boundary double click on a site or boundary which will provide information about the site (such as type, status and location). Click on the red site location text to be taken through to the interactive online system to make comments on the site or boundary. 


Further Help

If you have any problems you can send us an email via the contact us page.

Having trouble using the system? Visit our help page or contact us directly.

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