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Representation 10942 on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) by Babergh Alliance of Parish & Town Councils (Helen Davies)

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - HOUSING, Housing Requirement, Q7
Representation: No alternatives are proposed. Brett Associates report contains several caveats. For example, the base data has no assessment for scenarios concerning Brexit.

The Government's preferred methodology is based on earnings to property price ratios. As this measure fails to allow for key factors, such as wider migration from high priced areas, the investment of available capital by older people who have fewer inflation proof havens for their wealth, plus the interaction of all these market forces, it is inevitable that perceived demand will continue to struggle to match actual supply.

Regrettable that the report does not provide sufficient, well targeted original research to provide an insight into these issues.

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