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Representation 2102 on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) by Mr Adrian Hutchings

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Document Link: BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - Copdock and Washbrook , SS0944 - Land north of Elm lane, Copdock
Representation: Back Lane and Elm Lane are narrow roads with dangerous corners and would not support additional traffic.

Ad hoc solution by tacking on development to an area which does not have appropriate infrastructure does not meet the need for long term sustainable development.
Complies with the duty to Co-operate?No

Original submission

Back Lane and Elm Lane are narrow roads with dangerous corners and would not support additional traffic.

In spite of proximity to Ipswich Copdock and Washbrook has retained the character of a village with a strong community feeling, building over 600 new homes is significantly greater than the current village and completely change its character. There is no shop, doctors' surgery or post office in the village to support an increased population. The current proposals do not appear to acknowledge the neighbourhood planning consultation that was undertaken in the village.

The old A12 road is already busy and the existing flow of traffic along Chapel Lane and Swan Hill has previously been reported as dangerous. Increased residential and commercial traffic would add to the existing problems and congestion.

If national planning policy encourages Councils to promote growth through the planning of new settlements surely it would make more sense to combine the proposed development with others to meet the recommended 1,500 minimum on a new site that could create a garden village with full amenities; tacking on significant developments to villages that have inadequate services and traffic infrastructure appears to be taking an easy option, creating problems for the future and missing the opportunity to create sustainable environments for the future.

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