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Representation 3506 on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) by Mrs Brenda Dyer

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - Cockfield , SS0931 - Land to the south east of Old Hall Lane, Cross Green
Representation: Access to this site currently causes problems with large delivery lorries servicing industrial units at Peppers Hall and farm traffic running over private gardens. Old Hall Lane is a very narrow single track road with a ford, no passing bays or footpaths and frequented by many walkers daily. Further traffic from commercial development of the site would exacerbate the problem and I strongly object to its inclusion.
Complies with the duty to Co-operate?Yes

Original submission

Old Hall Lane already services 14 dwellings, businesses at Peppers Hall and farm traffic. It is a 'No Through Road' and therefore all journeys are doubled. It is a single narrow track 'B' road which exits onto the busy A1141 where the road forks around a telegraph pole and a BT junction box.

There are no pull-in areas in the lane and vehicles wishing to pass encroach on private drives. When oil tankers are delivering or septic tanks are being emptied, the lane is blocked for the duration.

At the corner of our property at No 1, there is a ford and a blind 90 degree bend which frequently causes large lorries, car transporters and some farm machinery to be unable to negotiate the bend without running over our garden and have, on occasion, got completely stuck. (Photographic evidence available.)

There are no footpaths in Old Hall Lane and as it is very popular daily with dog-walkers and ramblers. This presents a safety hazard. Traffic from an employment development would only exacerbate this situation.

The access from Old Hall Lane to the site is by an unadopted farm track.

This field has for the last few years been an undisturbed wild flower meadow attracting a grant. In this time, flora and fauna have increased considerably. It enhances the parkland adjacent to it belonging to Peppers Hall.

Houses Nos 1-6 in Old Hall Lane have finger drains from their septic tanks stretching out into the site.

We understand Cockfield is at present rated as a Hinterland village with its historic Greens surrounded by small hamlets. Cross Green is a Conservation Area and it does not lend itself to large, in village terms, housing/employment development which would destroy it's character. Cross Green already has two sites of employment at Peppers Hall and to the west of the hamlet where there is engineering and joinery. We strongly oppose any further sites being included in the Joint Local Plan for this small hamlet at Cross Green and, in particular, the site off Old Hall Lane.

The criteria used by Babergh to change Cockfield to Core status is flawed and incorrect. With the few facilities we have in the village being nearly two miles away from Cross Green, we should retain our Hinterland status.

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