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Representation 4007 on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) by Mr Vic Durrant

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - HOUSING, Housing Requirement, Q7
Representation: * This is a major concern - The requirements seem overstated and there appears to be no account taken of the effects of BREXIT on domestic and overseas migration.
* Little, if any, effects of Government Policy to relocate major industries to the North and the effects of the emphasis on the 'Northern Powerhouse' and the impacts of HS2, seem to have been considered.
* The provision of more affordable homes/ Council Housing that will increase supply/reduce sale prices/increase affordability.
* Housing need appears to be based on a projected 1.03 persons per dwelling (whereas the past average has been 2.3) Why?

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