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Representation 4649 on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) by LAWSHALL PARISH COUNCIL (Mrs Dorothy Griggs)

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Document Link: BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - Lawshall
Representation: In summary, the Parish Council is acutely aware of the need for growth in the District and of the imperative for Hinterland Villages to accommodate a proportional percentage of this growth. Their rejection of the identified sites, in their current form, is premised on their conviction that the village's growth needs can be satisfied without compromising, as these sites do, the principles enshrined in Lawshall's Neighbourhood Plan.
Complies with the duty to Co-operate?No

Original submission

Lawshall Parish Council would like to place their remarks on the identified sites within the wider context of future development of the village. Although the Parish Council have raised serious concerns about all of the sites under consideration, they remain confident that, given the recent adoption of the Neighbourhood Plan, Lawshall is in a good position to meet its growth needs.
The Consultation Draft Local Plan expresses a concern that development in some villages is overly restricted, and that appropriate development in those villages could only be achieved by weakening certain planning policies. Although there are doubtless some villages in the District for which this is true, it is not the case for Lawshall. The policies of Lawshall's Neighbourhood Plan are compatible with appropriate growth in the village. Unlike some other villages, space within Lawshall's existing Built Up Area Boundaries (BUABs) offers an opportunity for significant in-filling. The Neighbourhood Plan also takes a flexible approach to development adjacent to BUABs on condition that further realistic requirements are satisfied. Furthermore, the NP identifies specific clusters outside the BUAB in which appropriate in-filling would be permissible, in line with the principles identified in Option BND1 of the consultation Local Plan.
The Neighbourhood Plan's capacity to accommodate, and even encourage, suitable growth is evident from the Parish Council's remarks on site SS0683 below. With appropriate adjustments, development on this site could accord with the adopted existing policies of the Neighbourhood Plan. The same applies to the Parish Counil's remarks on a site in the village that was not offered for Babergh's call for sites but which has been the subject of a recent planning application that will go to the planning committee on Nov 22nd 2017. Again, the Parish Council judged that the proposed development could be supported if appropriate adjustments were made to ensure that the adopted Neighbourhood Plan policies are respected.

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