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Representation 626 on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) by Mr Matthew March

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Document Link: BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - Woolverstone
Representation: Woolverstone is a hamlet that will not sustain further development other than minor infill. I am particularly worried about Dairy Farm and the Walled Garden, any developments here would ruin part of our national heritage, to the detriment of future generations.
In a wider sense the local infrastructure, notably the road currently struggles to cope and future developments on the peninsula will see it overwhelmed. Road from Chelmondiston to Shotley is a death trap already.
Complies with the duty to Co-operate?Yes

Original submission

Reading the Plan I find that there are two factual errors. Firstly the assertion that the village is within 5k of Ipswich is not true. Freston is shown as outside the 5k area and is actually closer to Ipswich. the distance to my home from Ipswich Magistrates' Court is actually 8k.
Secondly, there are no allotments available in Woolverstone. it is my understanding that the Diocese which owns the relevant area is not offering any more and is only awaiting the demise of the current elderly allotment holders to remove them.
I am also very concerned at the proposal to extend the envelope in the area of Dairy Farm and the Walled Garden. This would make both areas fair game for development and the Walled Garden is listed, as the developer was fully aware when he purchased the area. The area south of the road which appears zoned for development is actually prime agricultural land and should remain so.
Wooollverstone is a tiny hamlet, a wonderful example of an estate village in an area of outstanding beauty. it has no facilities other than the church and the estate hall and is surrounded by prime agricultural land. Further development on any other than a very small infilling scale would rob future generations of this, particularly if the Walled garden is allowed by BDC to become a housing estate.
The wider picture is of a road that currently struggles and proposed development, particularly at Shotley means that at peak times this road will be unable to cope, particularly at Wherstead roundabout which now sees queues at peak times and Freston junction remains a real traffic hazard. Extra houses in Holbrook and Sutton will exacerbate the problems here.
The local infrastructure creaks. There are regular power cuts as everyone has to rely on electricity as there is no gas on the peninsula, the roads are a nightmare, the impact upon local schools and health facilities are potentially negative without considerable investment. With such large numbers of new houses as already have been or are about to be built, the situation can only deteriorate further.

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