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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - SS0088 - Bacton Middle School, Wyverstone Road, Bacton

Representation ID: 9822

COMMENT Wyverstone Parish Council (Kate Webster)


The site of the proposed housing development at the former Bacton Middle School DOES fall into the parish of Wyverstone, not Bacton.

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Representation ID: 9483

COMMENT Bacton Parish Council (mrs tina newell)


SS0088 Former middle school site. Currently has an application for 50 houses. This site is presently a redundant school with playing field and two tennis courts. If the current application fails and the site is included within Bacton settlement boundary (it is actually in the parish of Wyverstone) piecemeal development could result in the loss of the playing fields and a potential site for a new primary school.

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Representation ID: 9249

OBJECT The Gooderham Family and ESCO Developments Ltd represented by Cheffins Planning & Development (Mr Jon Jennings)


There are not only questions as to whether the entirety of the site is actually available due to the legal issues identified and its remote location from local facilities, in particular the Primary School and doctor's surgery. In addition, as evidenced by the current application this proposal will produce very little in the way of community benefit, especially as no affordable housing is proposed. If the site is not viable then alternative sites should be considered for allocation which are viable and available.

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Representation ID: 3219

COMMENT Mr Adrian James


I would prefer this site to be retained as it is as school grounds as the sports facilities could be excellent if a new school were built there. However, if it is essential that some land is used for housing development then this would be the best place in Wyverstone to do that as it is a brownfield site. I think given the sites location, which is essentially in the middle of farmland, only low-rise low-density housing should be allowed up to a maximum of 40-50 dwellings.

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Representation ID: 2712

COMMENT Mrs Carol Ingleson


I understand that this site is to be held for possible updated and bigger primary school which is needed as the existing primary school is already crowded

More details about Rep ID: 2712

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