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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - SS0775 - Sproughton Wharf, Sproughton Road

Representation ID: 11452

SUPPORT Greenways Countryside Project Partnership (Mr. James Baker)


Support site being listed as not suitable.

this field is not suited to much built development due to the proximity to the river and the risk of flooding. The site is an important part of the river corridor, both for wildlife and public use, and as such is best suited to being used as an extension to the Millennium Green for local community use, which could include access to the water for canoe launching etc. Built facilities for promoting access to the river corridor and to the river itself should be considered, potentially in the form of a base for the Ipswich Canoe Club, to facilitate the provision of leisure and sporting opportunities for local people. This use would also contribute to reducing recreational pressure on the protected estuaries.

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Representation ID: 7167

OBJECT Mrs Rhona Jermyn


This area is of great concern...
1. Its isn't linked to the village of Sproughton, but divided by the river
2. Outside the settlement boundary
3. Not Highlighted in the current plan
4. Excessive to the requirements of the development of the local parish
5. Would be another 'creeping coalescence' between Ipswich town and Sproughton village, which would threaten the identity, if not the very existence of, Sproughton village.

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Representation ID: 399

SUPPORT mrs karen howard


This land is home to Hedgehogs, Snakes/Deer/Foxes/Badgers/Stoats/Weasels/Voles/Owls/Bats/ Kestrels/Sparrow hawks/Slow worms/ Migrating birds such a swifts swallow and geese and Otters and has been grazed happily by horses for the last 25 years. It floods regularly and has pylons running through it. I am the Tennant and have loved and looked after this land for 25 years, local neighbours get involved and enjoy watching the horses and wildlife. It is important that pieces of land like this are left alone to provide corridors for Wildlife .

More details about Rep ID: 399

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