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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - Hemingstone

Representation ID: 9781

SUPPORT Hemingstone Parish Council (Mr Rod Caird) represented by Mr Rod Caird


Hemingstone Parish Council (by a majority decision on October 18 2017) supports in principle the introduction for the first time of a settlement boundary for the village. However, concern was expressed that once a boundary has been agreed it could be altered to allow for opportunistic development. The proposed boundary appears to include the area of highest housing density in the village and the Parish Council wishes to be closely involved at all stages of the process of confirming that boundary

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Representation ID: 650

OBJECT Mr Paul Furzer


We believe the settlement boundary shouldn't include only one end of the village. We a semi-rural village in favour of growth and want to be considered for development.

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