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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - Appendix 2 - Functional Clusters

Representation ID: 3141

OBJECT Iain Pocock


Putting Copdock into the Ipswich functional cluster is misleading, as it has a much greater affinitiy to Capel St Mary which is much easier to access than Ipswich (5 minutes versus 30 minutes), has a local surgery that is accepting patients (unlike Pinewood), has the nearest library, pharmacy etc. Simply bracketing it into Ipswich is incorrect as the road communication is so poor.

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Representation ID: 1276

OBJECT mr chris g


As shown Wortham and Burgate are in different clusters.
These two villages operate in unison socially and economically.
They have a joint Parish Council.
The villages are only 3 miles from Diss where residents gravitate for Business and leisure activities.
Both should be in the 'Diss Cluster'.

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Representation ID: 95

SUPPORT J. E. Knock & Partners (Mr. Chris Knock)


This idea of functional clusters is useful

More details about Rep ID: 95

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