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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - Option GT2

Representation ID: 8643

COMMENT Redlingfield parish meeting (Ms Janet Norman-Philips)


With regard to Gypsies and Travellers both permanent and stopping sites should be provided.

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Representation ID: 7742

OBJECT Mx Miles Row


Needs to include Babergh and reevaluate why there is supposedly no need in Babergh as there is a serious lack of provision all across Suffolk. The policy that actually provides what is needed in agreement without just redesignating private pitches as public through compulsory purchase is what is needed.

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Representation ID: 7649

OBJECT Mr Peter Powell


This option might mean traveller sites included as part of a development application and that may be problematic
It is probably safer to consider traveller sites in the proximity of development sites after that development has been established.

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Representation ID: 6505

OBJECT MSDC Green Group (Cllr John Matthissen)


See comments

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Representation ID: 5673

OBJECT Mr Graham Moxon


It is a sad reality that the close proximity of these sites to residential developments will devalue those homes and make them less desirable to potential residents..

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Representation ID: 3584

OBJECT Mr Richard Howard


Definitely no need to have them near the area here

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Representation ID: 2547

OBJECT Mr Terry Corner


Suggests travelers would be allocated space within other developments. Sites should be separate due to concern over noise and visual impact.

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Representation ID: 2307

OBJECT Mr Barry Dixon


In my view, the nature of travellers is that they are mobile and do not wish to become part of a permanent community. Consequently, I believe it is inadvisable to try to incorporate travelling communities into permanent settlements. This is of particular concern for residents of the smallest settlements, viz. Hinterland Villages and Hamlets. The provision of local services in such settlements to support travellers is impractical.

More details about Rep ID: 2307

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