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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - Option OC2

Representation ID: 11970

SUPPORT Pigeon Investmenrt Management (Mr. Andrew Fillmore) represented by Beacon Planning Ltd (Ms Sophie Pain)


Pigeon consider there to be a need to strike a balance between supporting and seeking to grow existing town and local centres as set against Out of Centre provision. We consider Option OC1 to be unnecessarily restrictive and the Councils can properly assess Out of Centre proposals on a case by case basis. Accordingly, we support Option OC2 which would provide support to out of centre retail development to meet capacity requirements. Additionally, we support Option RIA1 - which would rely on the NPPF threshold for Retail Impact Assessment -
as the appropriate mechanism of control.

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Representation ID: 11789

SUPPORT Councillor Frank Lawrenson


We should not discourage out-of-town shopping. These have a place and a very important one at that. It is not right that we support one element of commerce in our district at the expense of another. What we need to do is ensure that places like Sudbury have the power and the assistance to change. I therefore advise Option OC2.

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Representation ID: 10726

COMMENT Ms Caroline Powell


* Restricting all retail growth to town centres may be too restrictive as some growth may need to be accommodated away from town centres where sites become available.

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Representation ID: 8017

COMMENT Mr Peter Powell


* This should be case by case and only where need cannot be accommodated in vacant sites.
* Best restricted to Leisure parks, DIY/Horticultural retail parks using the most appropriate of the oversubscribed commercial/employment spaces that have come forward.

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Representation ID: 7746

OBJECT Mx Miles Row


Is inaccessible to many, increases need to drive to such places and takes business away from town centre.

More details about Rep ID: 7746

Representation ID: 5680

SUPPORT Mr Graham Moxon


Encourage traffic out of town centres wherever possible.

More details about Rep ID: 5680

Representation ID: 5602

COMMENT Pinewood Parish Council (Mrs Sandra Peartree)


Support to keep town centres viable.

More details about Rep ID: 5602

Representation ID: 4742

OBJECT Woolverstone Parish Council (Mr Simon Pearce)



More details about Rep ID: 4742

Representation ID: 2190

COMMENT Mr. A. Breen


The changes in shopping over recent decades have been so dramatic that apart from erecting a major shopping mall such as Brent Cross or Lakeside at Thurrock or a niche retail outlet such as Bicester Village the hope of reviving our towns is hopeless. The removal of offices to Ipswich does nothing to help promote our towns.

More details about Rep ID: 2190

Representation ID: 2189

COMMENT Mr. A. Breen


There is no scope for development of shopping facilities in most towns and the facilities that exist are likely to disappear

More details about Rep ID: 2189

Representation ID: 300

OBJECT Mr Simon Barrett


Don't like any of these policies, not flexible for current market conditions.

More details about Rep ID: 300

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