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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - Option BIO1

Representation ID: 11974

SUPPORT Pigeon Investmenrt Management (Mr. Andrew Fillmore) represented by Beacon Planning Ltd (Ms Sophie Pain)


Pigeon supports the Councils approach in Option BIO2 which is in line with the
objectives of the NPPF and Section 11 on conserving and enhancing the natural environment.

More details about Rep ID: 11974

Representation ID: 10336

SUPPORT Taylor Wimpey represented by Boyer Planning (Kate Kerrigan)


With regards to these two Options presented, we support BIO 1. This enables the protection of designated sites, protected species and habitats. This also ensures that new development provides appropriate protection to protected habitats and species without causing a great burden or the prevention of the delivery of development.

More details about Rep ID: 10336

Representation ID: 8844

OBJECT Janet Smith


Bio 2 peferable

More details about Rep ID: 8844

Representation ID: 8132

COMMENT Mr Peter Powell


This is really the minimum expectation, but what actually happens relies on subjective opinions.

More details about Rep ID: 8132

Representation ID: 7753

OBJECT Mx Miles Row


There are regular and multiple studies about how the environment and biodiversity is being degraded so we need to enhance it.

More details about Rep ID: 7753

Representation ID: 7210

OBJECT Mr Bernard Rushton


BIO2 is the better option

More details about Rep ID: 7210

Representation ID: 6788

OBJECT Mr Grenville Clarke


Provides little protection for Biodiversity and puts no onus on developers to provide enhancements for the network of habitats.

More details about Rep ID: 6788

Representation ID: 5682

SUPPORT Mr Graham Moxon


Our countryside and wildlife is precious and should be protected.

More details about Rep ID: 5682

Representation ID: 5397

COMMENT Mrs Louise Baldry


See above

More details about Rep ID: 5397

Representation ID: 4953

COMMENT Nedging with Naughton Parish Council (Miss LYNN ALLUM)


We support Options BIO 1 and 2.

More details about Rep ID: 4953

Representation ID: 4583

COMMENT mrs karen howard


local area, cherished view points, wildlife , flora and fauna, reserves etc have evolved from years of experience and considerable effort from communities, Locals often see fleeting visits of rare creatures which may then get missed. An outside opinion is not best placed In this situation where money becomes a priority. Sproughton valley is an area of outstanding natural beauty such as Dedham vale and should be cherished and preserved.

More details about Rep ID: 4583

Representation ID: 3593

COMMENT Mr Richard Howard


Local area/ spot designations like Special Landscape area, cherished view points, wildlife, flora and fauna reserves etc, have evolved from many years experiences and often considerable efforts by communities , sometimes based on fleeting observations of rare species. They preserve the best of our environment & any policy that introduces a subjective opinion has the risk of overlooking years of experience and effort in favour of financial consideration. .

More details about Rep ID: 3593

Representation ID: 2827

SUPPORT Mr Andrew Coxhead



More details about Rep ID: 2827

Representation ID: 2192

COMMENT Mr. A. Breen


The designation of sites has offered very limited protection in the face of development, but habitat and species can be maintained not through a few designated islands but through spacing development that allows room for nature and living space within developments for nature. The current density of housing does not encourage such development nor does the over emphasis on safety help. The biggest threat to nature in East Anglia is the type of intensive arable farming that prevails but that is a vital element to our economy and can only be re-balance through a gradual process.

More details about Rep ID: 2192

Representation ID: 2070

SUPPORT Mrs Kathie Guthrie


Fully agree

More details about Rep ID: 2070

Representation ID: 901

OBJECT Mr. Nick Miller for Sudbury Green Belt Group


BIO 1 is merely the statutory minimum duty.

More details about Rep ID: 901

Representation ID: 222



Will help enhance our local landscapes

More details about Rep ID: 222

Representation ID: 49

SUPPORT Mr &Mrs David and Susan Musselwhite


This seems reasonable.

More details about Rep ID: 49

Representation ID: 48

SUPPORT Mr &Mrs David and Susan Musselwhite


This seems reasonable.

More details about Rep ID: 48

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