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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - Option RE2

Representation ID: 11879

SUPPORT Dedham Vale Society (Mr. David Eking)


We support Option RE2 rather than RE1. Any application for renewable energy construction within or adjacent to the AONB will almost certainly always be unacceptable in landscape/environment terms.

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Representation ID: 11799

SUPPORT Councillor Frank Lawrenson


I support option RE2

More details about Rep ID: 11799

Representation ID: 11440

SUPPORT Stour & Orwell Society (Ms Emma Proctor King)


SOS very strongly supports option RE2. Renewables developments can disfigure sensitive landscapes. There must be adequate direction given to ensure the avoidance of sensitive valued landscapes, criss-crossed by public rights of way and leisure routes. Such a policy could have avoided the need for a major public inquiry, such as that into the proposed 100 acre Tattingstone/Alton Water solar farm, which was recommended for approval, but refused by Members and dismissed decisively on appeal. SOS would be happy to discuss the terms of such a criteria based policy with the Council.

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Representation ID: 9988

SUPPORT Mr C Partridge


RE2 is sensible but needs to be carefully considered on a site by site basis so that the whole development is appropriate to the setting. It would be sensible in most cases for there to be smaller cottage style market housing alongside affordable homes in rural areas.

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Representation ID: 8918

COMMENT Janet Smith


Re2 preferable

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Representation ID: 8352

SUPPORT Mr Peter Powell


* The opportunity to do more is a good thing.
* We have a coastline that fronts the relatively shallow North Sea which is an ideal place for unobtrusive windfarms well offshore.
* Suffolk has a significant expanse of open fields that could support solar farms, and due to their low profile could do so sympathetically to the landscape
* However the balance also has to be carefully managed with Agriculture and Landscape. Food production is just as important for green management as is the green energy, protection of biodiversity and preservation of the landscape for society.

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Representation ID: 7765

COMMENT Mx Miles Row


Landscapes will be negatively affected by climate change more than through renewables.

More details about Rep ID: 7765

Representation ID: 6865

COMMENT mrs Netty Verkroost


I agree with this policy as future technologies must be considered as demand for power increases

More details about Rep ID: 6865

Representation ID: 6585

SUPPORT MSDC Green Group (Cllr John Matthissen)



More details about Rep ID: 6585

Representation ID: 5620

COMMENT Pinewood Parish Council (Mrs Sandra Peartree)



More details about Rep ID: 5620

Representation ID: 5406

COMMENT Babergh Green Party (Mr Robert Lindsay)


We suggest that BMSDC should define impacts of renewable technologies as follows "BMSDC seeks to prevent unacceptable adverse impacts of renewable energy projects to designated wildlife sites (e.g. SSSI's, Nation Nature Reserves), species afforded legal protection, Scheduled Ancient Monuments and Grade I and II* listed buildings".

More details about Rep ID: 5406

Representation ID: 5364

SUPPORT Mr Andrew Coxhead


Agreed that renewable energy projects must include and assessment of impacts including landscape.

More details about Rep ID: 5364

Representation ID: 4777

SUPPORT Woolverstone Parish Council (Mr Simon Pearce)



More details about Rep ID: 4777

Representation ID: 4008

SUPPORT Sudbury Town Council (Mrs Jacqueline Howells)


Sudbury Town Council supports RE2 however criteria should not be so tight as to restrict future renewable energy schemes from coming forward.

More details about Rep ID: 4008

Representation ID: 2568

SUPPORT Mr Terry Corner


Renewable to be supported but in keeping with local views.

More details about Rep ID: 2568

Representation ID: 1677

SUPPORT Hoxne Parish Council (Mrs Sara Foote)


Hoxne Parish Council wishes to support option RE2

More details about Rep ID: 1677

Representation ID: 84

SUPPORT J. E. Knock & Partners (Mr. Chris Knock)



More details about Rep ID: 84

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