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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - Option INF1

Representation ID: 10368

SUPPORT Taylor Wimpey represented by Boyer Planning (Kate Kerrigan)


We consider that Option INF 1 is the most appropriate option and as the NPPF provides sufficient information regarding the provision of infrastructure that a strategic infrastructure policy to manage infrastructure provision should not be required to supplement the NPPF.

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Representation ID: 9037

SUPPORT Artisan PPS Ltd (Mr. Leslie Short)


support the approach at this level. The Councils would do well to regularly and thoroughly review (no less than annually) the impact CIL is having on the viability of sites and should devise a policy mechanism which provides for a fluctuating level of charge where there is evidence of a slow down of delivery a sis the case in the Peterborough model. That way, affordable housing wouldn't be the first if not the only choice for a scheme to recover a viable base.

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Representation ID: 8853

OBJECT Simon Bell


it is vital that the Council develops its own infrastructure policy in order to identify where specific requirements, in line with the NPPF, need to be made.

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Representation ID: 8652

SUPPORT Mr Peter Powell


I have no problem with NPPF framework policies in relation to provision and infrastructure. As a minimum standard it is acceptable.

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