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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - Bentley

Representation ID: 3557

COMMENT Bentley Parish Council (Dr Michael Bamford)


We consider that any further development in the village or locally should be linked to improvements in infrastructure, which in Bentley particularly requires improvement of road traffic junctions, road safety and traffic calming, provision of mains water and sewage, footpath provision and high-speed broadband provision, safe access to the Village School for pedestrians, cars and cycles and improvements in local health services. * Bentley values its rural situation, and the benefits of local woodlands, footpaths, open spaces and bridleways and the historic woodland and the adjacent Dedham Vale and Stour valley AONB that surround it. It would not wish to become engulfed in suburban sprawl from Capel St. Mary or ribbon development along the A.12. Any planned development should respect the historic landscape, and the rural amenities of this and other smaller villages, that materially add to the well-being and lifestyle choices of residents.

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