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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - Boxford

Representation ID: 11433

COMMENT Boxford Parish Council represented by Mathew Wooderson


We don't want any more development to the NW of the village - either within the settlement boundary or without the settlement boundary or in the functional cluster if access is via Swan Street. It makes more sense to us as a PC to develop available (and suitable) land with direct access to the A1071 that is still within walking distance of the village centre. People on foot = sustainable BUT traffic movements requiring access to the main routes to Ipswich, Hadleigh, Sudbury and Colchester must be kept away from swan street, church street, school hill, broad street and Ellis street (so the two rejected sites... no site ref. #s as they're not included)).

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Representation ID: 5727

OBJECT Mr D Swain & Mrs L Swain


This submission is an objection to the Joint Local Plan, with specific reference to the new Development Envelope proposed for Calais Street, Boxford.

The envelope runs through our property buildings due evidently to the use of an out of date map. A proposed revision to the Envelope line is attached.

The Development Envelope does not include the full curtilage of the house and is out of line with the treatment afforded to neighbouring properties. This curtilage includes the parcel of land to the east of the property which has been part of the curtilage for over 25 years.

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