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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - Cockfield

Representation ID: 11330

OBJECT Valerie Squirrell


Cross Green is such a small part of Cockfield. Where you are wanting to erect those houses is seriously going to affect the area and wildlife. In total there is an application in for over 30 new houses in this small area. Nearly double the amount of houses here! Far too many. 30+ extra houses = at least 60+ more vehicles on the road

More details about Rep ID: 11330

Representation ID: 11187

OBJECT Mr S Ruffell represented by Strutt & Parker (Mr Michael Ward)


Cockfield - Cross Green

The proposed settlement boundary has been drawn immediately to the west of the site to include the land at Hope House (please refer to planning history above). The settlement boundary should be amended to include the land to the front of Peppers Hall, the subject of this representation, as justified below in our response to question 79.

More details about Rep ID: 11187

Representation ID: 2688

COMMENT Cockfield Parish Council (Mr Doug Reed)


Cockfield Parish Council recognises that any organisation/individual can, at any time, lodge an application for any location, not necessarily identified and for this to be considered under normal planning process. As there is no legitimate planning reason not to, the Parish Council has identified sites;
This support is subject to need, sustainability, highways access and overall planning process obligations being met.

More details about Rep ID: 2688

Representation ID: 2685

COMMENT Cockfield Parish Council (Mr Doug Reed)


Cockfield Parish Council agrees - and notes that these do reflect the current and forward situations.

More details about Rep ID: 2685

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