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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - Copdock and Washbrook

Representation ID: 13143

OBJECT Caroline N Fox


Plan for local roads should be the primary objective. Road system is frequently brought to a stand still when an incident happens on the A12 or on the Copdock interchange. Traffic diverts through the village and we can neither get in or out. Has any thought been given to reopening the old A12? Dual carriageway could be run under the A14, past the Park and Ride and into town.

I accept the need for more housing and light industrial use.

If we are to have a large increase in population there needs to be areas for recreation. The area known as Jubilee Meadow Play Area should be expanded to take in the adjoining field, the path under the old A12 and into the next two fields by Copdock Mill. This area floods and is unsuitable for housing. Could be turned into a wildlife area for the enjoyment of locals.

More details about Rep ID: 13143

Representation ID: 12818

COMMENT Copdock and Washbrook Parish Council (Angela Chapman)


We have identified land to the east of the A12 stretching from the London Road/A12 interchange through to Betstead preserving the ancient woodland. Also, an area of wild flowers which hopefully could be re located. A second location east of the London Road and west of the A12 stretching from the London Road/A12 interchange through to Mill Lane east adj. to Gladwell's Mill. Inclusion of a Garden Village with early provision of infrastructure will be a benefit of villages without the consequential traffic flows.

More details about Rep ID: 12818

Representation ID: 12767

OBJECT Building Partnerships Ltd. represented by La Ronde Wright Limited (Mrs Nicole Wright)


The Consultation Document recognises that the past approach to identifying settlement boundaries is outdated, therefore the Local Plan should indicate that significant adjustments will be necessary in appropriate growth locations. However, the proposed settlement boundary identified at Appendix 3 for the sustainably located Ipswich Fringe village of Washbrook remains tightly drawn, and for this reason should be reviewed.

More details about Rep ID: 12767

Representation ID: 12462

OBJECT Mrs Zena Gravener


Copdock & Washbrook are not Ipswich Fringe. The infrastructure is NOT sufficient for purpose at present.
a) Roads totally congested especially when A12/14 / Copdock Interchange have accident problems. Used as 'rat runs' with serious consequences.
b) Surgery not fit for purpose. Now what will happen if 623 more households are added? CHAOS & possible loss of life.
c) School operating at full capacity now!

More details about Rep ID: 12462

Representation ID: 12387

OBJECT Mr Michael Drane


Better infrastructure, more school places, doctors surgery, shopping facilities. Fewer houses. Residential places for elderly

More details about Rep ID: 12387

Representation ID: 12295

COMMENT Mrs Carolyn Anne Hodge


I do not object to the proposed sites for development, but NONE of them should be considered until our existing traffic problems are addressed.
We need -
Pedestrian crossings with lights at various points along London Road
Lights at the Beagle roundabout
A complete re-think for the Copdock Interchange

Plans must include a new bigger school and another doctors surgery.
Houses to be built should include bungalows for senior residents of Copdock and Washbrook

More details about Rep ID: 12295

Representation ID: 12277

OBJECT Mr Geoff Wilson


We have a lack of suitable roads, doctors and schooling within the proposed area.

More details about Rep ID: 12277

Representation ID: 12267

OBJECT Mrs Carol Wells


I'm worried for Copdock as this would impact the traffic in and out of the village. We understand that Copdock has a need for more homes, but people in the village are not convinced that another major application on this scale could be considered. I think it would also disrupt the GP which is already difficult to get an appointment. Also, my house is located on the A12 so I will lose my beautiful view of the fields. I'm also concerned that because of my location the noise pollution would impact my life on a day to day basis.

More details about Rep ID: 12267

Representation ID: 12253

COMMENT Copdock Village Hall (Mr D Feasey)


As chairman of the village hall management committee I would welcome a moderate increase in housing as providing the feasibility of increased support for local village organisations, but with access to and from the hall and the adjacent playing field leading on to what (under these current proposals) would become a busy main entry from housing and industrial units I have considerable concern over the road safety aspect.

More details about Rep ID: 12253

Representation ID: 12250

OBJECT Mr Liam Fortune


I've enjoyed growing up in Copdock and have been since 1994. When growing up in this village I would always enjoy playing in the fields, walking my dogs and playing with my friends. I am 28 years old now and I was hoping to stay in the village with my girlfriend and start up a family of my own with kids who had the same benefits of me. I think building 600 houses is excessive, this would disrupt the traffic, the noise of traffic - as my room is facing the A12. It would also ruin the authenticity of the village.

More details about Rep ID: 12250

Representation ID: 12241

OBJECT Mr D Feasey


Whereas I can accept the need for further housing on and around Copdock & Washbrook, I am concerned about the provision of 'light industrial units' whatever they may be and the fact that no consideration seems to have been given to road links or access. Swan Hill / Chapel Lane being a particular problem.

More details about Rep ID: 12241

Representation ID: 12235

OBJECT Steven McGlachie


I feel the village is too small for so many houses.
The school could not cope with any more children.
We have no Doctors surgery. No footpaths or lighting up Back Lane. We are a lane and not a road which is mostly single track, the same with Elm Lane. Swan Hill could not cope with any more vehicles it gets jammed up already causing air pollution. We have badgers setts at the back of Gladwells which are protected also lots of other wildlife will be affected. You have not made this form easy to fill in.

More details about Rep ID: 12235

Representation ID: 12229

OBJECT Mrs Dorothy Catchpole


Thanks to Tom Barker for his discussions at Cricket Pavillion last week. Reassuring if true.
I hope that residential areas will be distinct from business premises - not good to mix together.
If a small number of new development is made periodically I have no objections. If mass new housing estates planned I am appalled.
The access roads via Swan Hill to Hadleigh Road roundabout is already very congested. The A12 is more like a car park at peak times.
Sewerage in Copdock is restricted and often blocks.
The school is already at capacity. Doctors and Dentists are not in village and already struggling to cope. Infrastructure inadequate.
Only small development acceptable.
We are a largely residential village and wish to remain so - definitely not an Ipswich Fringe.

More details about Rep ID: 12229

Representation ID: 12203

OBJECT Mrs Judith Mitchell


Following points should be considered:
1) size of school
2) doctors surgery is in Capel
3) no local shops
4) although Old London Road is a dual carriage way, when going through Washbrook towards Ipswich it's only a 'B' road
5) when there are traffic problems at Copdock Interchange traffic backs up along Old London Road and through Washbrook
6) traffic noise from A12 has increased considerably

More details about Rep ID: 12203

Representation ID: 12196

OBJECT Mr Glenn Mitchell


1) traffic noise from A12 has increased considerably
2) bigger school needed
3) although Old London Road is a dual carriage way when going through Washbrook to Ipswich it's only a 'B' road
4) no doctors/dentists in Copdock
5) no local shops
6) when there are traffic problems at Copdock Interchange the traffic backs up along Old London Road and through Washbrook

More details about Rep ID: 12196

Representation ID: 12187

OBJECT Mr & Mrs R Spencely


Back Lane, Elm Lane and Folly Lane, are all just that: narrow village lanes. Several places do not allow two cars to pass each other. The additional housing, seeing as most dwellings produce two cars, could increase the vehicles by more than 1000! Swan Hill is also very narrow, an exit from the village, which is always blocked at rush hour back onto London Road.
There is no shop, doctors surgery, the school is full with no room to expand and the bus service two hourly finishing at 18:20.
Most definitely not a sensible nor well thought out plan.

More details about Rep ID: 12187

Representation ID: 12186

OBJECT Mrs Samantha White


Further to the meeting I attended 2/11/17 at the cricket pavilion, and listening to the points raised my areas of concern are as follows -
1) increase in cars, including commercial vehicles polluting the environment / carbon footprint
2) road safety - no crossings on dual carriageway - a concern!
3) concerns about how local amenities in local villages will cope with increased population e.g. doctors/dentist/shops/school etc.

More details about Rep ID: 12186

Representation ID: 12182

OBJECT Mr Paul White


My concerns are as follows which is a result of my objection:
- increased light pollution
- impact on environment, wildlife.
- increased capacity of drainage system, sewage issues resulting in blockages, spilling into public areas resulting in potential health and safety issues.
- increased noise pollution, 24 hrs.
- poor or lack of infrastructure will not be in place causing further congestion on village roads and lanes which currently are ones used and not build for additional vehicle use. Additional traffic will grid lock the village roads.

More details about Rep ID: 12182

Representation ID: 12149



Already a problem with Old London Road and Swan Hill used as a rat run for vehicles not willing to negotiate the congested Copdock A12/A14 roundabout junction. If there is a accident/incident the village residents have great difficulty getting out. Therefore road access would be a problem.

The primary school is already full, with no room to expand the doctors clinics cannot take anymore patients as they are full.

The allotments are of great benefit physically and mentally. Plus giving fresh produce and a healthy lifestyle. When national figures are read the population is ageing so this needs to be taken into account.

More details about Rep ID: 12149

Representation ID: 12147

OBJECT John Castle


We moved here in 1991 to live in a village and be part of its community.
With this Copdock development consultation we do not wish the village to be more than doubled in size, with industrial development also.
Some small scale new house building is obviously going to have to be accepted.
The proposed Elm Lane site would lead to a loss of wildlife habitat, air and noise pollution on a huge scale and a complete waste of productive agricultural land.
And as for the traffic and infrastructure to support the proposals.........

More details about Rep ID: 12147

Representation ID: 12145

OBJECT Mr B Manning


My objection is you are planning to use good fertile agricultural land, and bearing in mind, when we enter Brexit we have got to become more self sufficient and will need every acre of good fertile land we can get.

More details about Rep ID: 12145

Representation ID: 12142

OBJECT Mrs Elson


As you said in the proposal, these houses would not make us a village anymore. The school couldn't cope and no room at the Doctors. The traffic is bad enough now, when there is a problem at Copdock Interchange or the Orwell Bridge, the cars just come off at Capel and come through the village. I have lived in the village for 47 years it has been a nice place to bring up my sons and I wish future family to have the same chance.

More details about Rep ID: 12142

Representation ID: 12135

OBJECT Mr & Mrs A & M Aldous


Increase in all forms of Road Traffic
Swan Hill is already grid locked at peak hours
the Old London Rd is used as a Rat Run

From our information Washbrook School is full. We know of one pupil transferred to Capel.

The loss of hedge rows and mature oak trees
They will be lost forever. We understand part of the area is a flood plain.

There are no proposals in the plan for extra medical service. Capel St Mary we understand is already full.

There is no mention in the plans of what type of industrial will be permitted.

More details about Rep ID: 12135

Representation ID: 12127

OBJECT Ian Piggott


I understand that there is a shortage of houses, but it is absolute madness to build an additional 600+, when there is currently only 464 within the village.

More details about Rep ID: 12127

Representation ID: 12121

OBJECT Miss S Piggott


This is a village, not a small town, and this is the way it should remain. Most importantly the infrastructure is already being pushed way over its limits and the roads already are unable to cope with the vast amount of rush hour traffic which uses the village, in particular Old London Road and Swan Hill as a cut through from Ipswich and the A12. Therefore to add additional traffic from proposed new houses would be preposterous and make it even more difficult to commute in and out of the village!

More details about Rep ID: 12121

Representation ID: 12120

OBJECT Mrs Beryl Winter


I have no objection to small patches of housing in our villages but totally object to them being swamped and losing all their identity. The roads and lanes are not capable of carrying the amount of traffic we have coming through now, and we are grid locked in at peak times with traffic coming off the A12 at Capel and queueing to get out at the 1071 roundabout. The school is full and so are the Drs surgeries but still no provision has been proposed to address this problem. Please do not make us a suburb of Ipswich

More details about Rep ID: 12120

Representation ID: 11930

OBJECT Mr Steven T G Stephenson


A12 and Old London Road are operating above their capacity now and is already saturated during rush hours with A12 traffic using the Old London Road as a "rat run" through to A14 at Claydon.
There will be an Impact on the sensitive landscapes and historic environment
Local services and facilities are already stretched beyond the capacity

More details about Rep ID: 11930

Representation ID: 11692

OBJECT Mr Paul Shelley


Object to site SS0945 and all sites in Copdock/Washbrook.

The proposals would drastically change the rural character of the village. There are no facilities to cater for education, welfare and shopping needs of new residents. Transport issues are already significant in the area, and would be worsened by more development.

More details about Rep ID: 11692

Representation ID: 11652

OBJECT Mr Duncan Skailes


Washbrook village lacks capacity to support more than doubling house numbers. There are inadequate schools, doctors and other services. Roads could not cope with construction or permanent lorry and car flow for residential and commercial premises.

More details about Rep ID: 11652

Representation ID: 11618

OBJECT Mrs Susan Corcoran


I strongly object to proposals to build in excess of 600 houses & industrial buildings along Old London Road. Old London Road is a racetrack during peak periods. It lasts all day. When accidents occur on or around Orwell Bridge, then there are queues from the Washbrook roundabout back down on to our road. Cyclists do not stand a chance, how many more deaths will there be before something is done. The roads & lanes can not take any more traffic.
Where will people find work?
Where will children go to school?
As for surgeries, they are all full.

More details about Rep ID: 11618

Representation ID: 11475

OBJECT Stour & Orwell Society (Ms Emma Proctor King)


This does not look to be a well-considered development option.

More details about Rep ID: 11475

Representation ID: 11466

OBJECT Mr Damian Christopher


* Local amenities (doctors, police, school etc.) unable to cope with influx of new housing
* Old A12 will become a main road once again
* Swan Hill's traffic will grow and become increasingly gridlocked
* The village will not be as safe for local children due to increased traffic
* Land proposed is not suitable/should not be used for this purpose

More details about Rep ID: 11466

Representation ID: 11463

OBJECT Ms Paula Christopher


* Local amenities (doctors, police, school etc.) unable to cope with influx of new housing
* Old A12 will become a main road once again
* Swan Hill's traffic will grow and become increasingly gridlocked
* The village will not be as safe for local children due to increased traffic
* Land proposed is not suitable/should not be used for this purpose

More details about Rep ID: 11463

Representation ID: 11409

OBJECT Mr Robert Tucker


I find the JLP completely ridiculous and ill thought out. It would destroy the village at a stroke. If you need to have 600 houses take 30 local villages and build 20 houses in each, same outcome less objections.
As far as industrial buildings are concerned there is more than enough vacant units already in a 10 mile radius of Copdock which are vacant and have been for some time.
Local school at capacity, doctors surgery can't cope now. Roads are a mess and overcrowded - Sort that out first!

More details about Rep ID: 11409

Representation ID: 11312

OBJECT miss jennifer cremer


Insufficient road capacity. No existing plan for road improvement, amount of time required to plan and build new roads. Lack of doctors in area and difficultly in recruiting new ones.

More details about Rep ID: 11312

Representation ID: 11108

OBJECT Mr and Mrs J Wheeler


Far too many houses - 250 max
The roads are congested enough - Copdock interchange can hardly cope also Sproughton.
What about the schools can it cope?
Capel St Mary Medical surgery bursting at the seams
We did not ask for all these extra people coming into this country. Why should we all have to suffer. Certainly the politicians will not be affected, NIMBYS all of them.

More details about Rep ID: 11108

Representation ID: 10715

OBJECT Mr James Robert Mellish


My objection would be that infrastructure needs massive improvement before this can take place. The roads, the shops, the Doctors facilities would all need to be provided. We don't have many street lights in Copdock. This would need improvement. I would be concerned to the effects on the green belt land, conservation, ecology, archaeology, historic listed buildings etc. Some plots are proposed on flood zones. This should not happen. Commercial buildings would spoil the nature of the village.

More details about Rep ID: 10715

Representation ID: 10560

OBJECT George *


I am completely opposed to the building of 600 new homes and the development of industrial sites in this location for the following reasons:-

Presently there are 464 houses in the village and we already have heavy congestion at peak travel periods.

Currently , Dr Surgery's are over stretched.

If another 600 houses are built without dealing with the above issues then complete chaos will ensue.

Parallel improvement of Roads, Dr Surgery's and other amenities must also be completed.

Even if all of the above are achieved this will no longer be the Village that we now cherish.

More details about Rep ID: 10560

Representation ID: 10116

COMMENT Historic England (Katie Parsons)


The potential site allocation would result in a substantial level of growth to the
existing settlement which would result in it almost doubling its size in footprint. The
proposed site allocations would therefore result in a significant alteration to the
character and appearance of the settlement. Whilst there are no conservation areas
which would be affected how the settlement sits in and relates to its surroundings will be important and this should be considered in the site allocation process.

More details about Rep ID: 10116

Representation ID: 9934

OBJECT Mr & Mrs Meekings


Babergh failed to inform the residents of Copdock & Washbook of these proposals.

We do not believe that any development of any size should be permitted until a solution is found to the traffic issues in the area - particularly the continued use of the Old London Road from the A12. If any of the proposed developments took place it would considerably worsen the current traffic situation. Village only has limited services and facilities.

People have not moved into the village for it to become a suburb of Ipswich.

More details about Rep ID: 9934

Representation ID: 9309

OBJECT Mr. Peter Korwin-Wroblewski


Cumulative impact of all proposals in Copdock exceed what should be built in Hinterland Village. Proposed industrial nits exceed local need; IEA identified alternative locations. No reference to improved community facilities. Elm Lane & Back Lane - single track - insufficient capacity, increased risk of accidents. Old London Road - history of accidents and fatalities; Swan Hill - backed up to the village at rush hour as motorists avoid Copdock Interchange. Growth could only be considered once A14/A12 interchanged improved. This proposed developments would severely impact adversely on the local community; contradicts Core Policyt CS2; CS15; NPPF para 55.

More details about Rep ID: 9309

Representation ID: 9275

OBJECT Mr Jonathan Gilbert


* Too many houses have been proposed for the infrastructure of this small and quiet village.

* The extra traffic will have many negative implications including the safety and health of pedestrians.

* There is not enough capacity at the local School, Doctors Surgery and there is no local shop.

More details about Rep ID: 9275

Representation ID: 9262

OBJECT Mr & Mrs Clifford


Whilst I support the need for more affordable housing, particularly for young people I would have grave concerns about the increase to the volumes of traffic that would pass through the village should all of the proposed houses be built. At present the volumes of traffic are heavy first thing in the morning and at night, and when the Orwell Bridges is closed when accidents happen, the village become and locked.

More details about Rep ID: 9262

Representation ID: 8868

OBJECT Mr David Lincoln


The proposal will double the size of the village and destroy its heritage. The village cannot currently cope with the volume of traffic going through, especially at peak times. This will greatly worsen the traffic down back lane this which is already dangerous with school children walking in the road to school. The old A12 completely clogs up when the Orwell or other congestion occurs. The main drains cannot cope with the surface water at present. With more concreting in it will greatly exacerbate this problem. The proposed development should be shared evenly through the District

More details about Rep ID: 8868

Representation ID: 8742

OBJECT Mrs Semra Hicks


We appreciate the need for new houses, however the proposed number of new houses is unacceptable. We all would like to stay as a small village.

The roads in and around the village are already congested and will not be able to cope with increasing traffic load that the volume of development you propose.

The existing surface water drainage can not cope with rain as it is. This extend of land built on would make it even worse and it would be inevitable to have even more floods in our village, like the one at bottom of the Swan Hill.

More details about Rep ID: 8742

Representation ID: 8433

OBJECT Mrs D.M. Ransom


The intended building proposal is too complex and large for this village area.
It will encroach into the character of the village.
The infrastructure to accommodate the plans would be vast and a burden on the residents without any advantages.
The proposed inclusion of industrial development is not viable in this rural area. The village would be totally spoiled with heavy vehicles on inadequate roads.

More details about Rep ID: 8433

Representation ID: 7525

COMMENT Mrs Jill Girling


SS0245 and SS0945
- Too close to Codock Hall and Copdock Church.
- Believe land has spoil from Gladwells sight spread over it, thus suitability for building on?
SS0227, SS0295, ss0593, SS0620, SS0624, SS0918, SS0919, SS0944 - the village CANNOT cope with development of all these sites and still retain it's village identity and community. It will become a suburb of Ipswich.Some development is accepted, but appropriate mix of housing for younger and older members of the community included.plus some commercial, BUT only if roads and welfare and education provision dealt with. Being close to A12/A14 does not equal suitability.

More details about Rep ID: 7525

Representation ID: 7488

COMMENT Mr Mark Blackwell


SS0593, SS0624, SS0918, SS0227, SS0620, SS0919

Small scale development may be appropriate. However, Washbrook in general suffers from significant infrastructure issues (lack of school places, shops, medical centre, congested and noisey roads). As a result infrstructure should be improved before any new development. Also these sites do not have any amenities in walking distance and will significantly increase car use, in an area of congested road network. I would be particualrly concerned about safety (and noise) on the old london road with increased road traffic.

More details about Rep ID: 7488

Representation ID: 7484

OBJECT Mrs Susan Mcglachie


There is no thought for inforstructure whatsoever. Roads are already very busy through village and comes to a standstill at times. Pollution is getting worse and our inviroment is suffering. Doctors surgeries are impossible to get appointments, schools are at bursting point . We are a village and that's how we want to stay! Your plans on a scale of this size would be debtrememtal to everyone .

More details about Rep ID: 7484

Representation ID: 7483

OBJECT Mr Simon Borley


There cannot be any development on this scale. This is a village with narrow lanes. No thought has been given to infrastructure in this local plan. The roads cannot cope with anymore traffic. Its very difficult as it is to leave the village in the morning as Swan hill is jam packed. Where woiuld children go to school? What about all the other facilities like doctors?

The village is exactly that - a village - and the scale of the development you propose would be catastrophic

More details about Rep ID: 7483

Representation ID: 7480

COMMENT Mr Mark Blackwell


SS0945, SS0245

There are similar issues to other sites in the village, in that the village is fundementally unsustainable due to the lack of infrastruture (school, roads, shops etc). However small scale housing development here might be done without the loss of privacy/overshadowing that some other sites have.

That said, no development should proceed before the infrastructure is improved.

More details about Rep ID: 7480

Representation ID: 7380

OBJECT Mr&Mrs P&D Hendry


Roads currently unable to cope with existing traffic flows and often gridlocked with resulting pollution problems. Situation frequently exacerbated by traffic incidents on A12 or A14. Similarly schools and doctors already under pressure, with appointments at doctors difficult to get. Maps appear flawed and misleading as they do not show current building projects. Village has had building over last 10 years but was done more sympathetically. Proposals would more than double current housing and make village an Ipswich suburb. Existing industrial and business units in the area not being fully utilised.

More details about Rep ID: 7380

Representation ID: 7239

OBJECT Mr Danny Carman


The proposed development does not appear to be proportional to the current size and infrastructure of the village. Overdevelopment will greatly impact on the local woodland, wildlife and green space of the village. The road infrastructure would not be able to cope.

More details about Rep ID: 7239

Representation ID: 7196

OBJECT Mrs Teresa Heath


The scale of the proposed development is unacceptable as both Washbrook and Copdock would no longer be villages but become suburbs of Ipswich. The current infrastructure could not possibly support such a proposal as existing roads, lanes, schools and doctors are unable to cope with the current demand.
The additional traffic will cause further congestion, noise, pollution and would have a negative effect regarding the safety of pedestrians and cyclists.

More details about Rep ID: 7196

Representation ID: 7194

OBJECT Andrew Butters


The A14 provides a distinct demarcation line between the built-up outskirts of Ipswich and the countryside beyond. Small villages such as Copdock/Washbrook and Belstead could not be more different in character to the populous areas (such as Pinewood) on the Ipswich side of the A14.

As such, land to the south and west of the A14 should not be simplistically and arbitrarily categorized as "Ipswich fringe". It should be treated differently from a planning perspective. Limited infill and small-scale development could be considered, but large-scale development should not. The infrastructure is nowhere near adequate.

More details about Rep ID: 7194

Representation ID: 6938

COMMENT Mr David Benn


Distressing amount of farmland being considered.
Road infrastructure already outdated. Old London Rd in dreadful state of repair. Regular traffic congestion. Local lanes being used/ruined by over sized vehicles
Village has had 6 good size developments over the years, + a further 15 dwellings earmarked for Elm Lane/Back Lane. Better to use infill sites for smaller developments of about 6 dwellings.
Business/retail sites totally out of keeping within main village area. Already plenty on outskirts of village.
Footpaths/hedgerows/wildlife all in danger of being lost.
Village life will be lost.
We chose village life over town, don't destroy it.

More details about Rep ID: 6938

Representation ID: 6798

OBJECT Sara Gilbert


* Too many houses have been proposed for the infrastructure of this small and quiet village.

* The extra traffic will have many negative implications including the safety and health of pedestrians.

* There is not enough capacity at the local School, Doctors Surgery and there is no local shop.

More details about Rep ID: 6798

Representation ID: 6766

OBJECT Mr Peter Beynon


The development plans will over burden the current road and community infrastructure:-
1) Damage to the existing cottages on Elm Lane from the ravages of the construction equipment and ancillary works
2) Road access to the community via Swan Hill struggles with traffic volumes as it is at rush hour.
3) Overburden health care facilities at Capel St mary
4) Danger to cross highway traffic on old London Road
5) Elm Lane and Back Lane are unsuitable for heavy traffic
6) The local schools will need to be upgraded

More details about Rep ID: 6766

Representation ID: 6435

OBJECT Keith Smith & Pat Smith


We have grave concerns about the following:
Congested roads and lanes;
The extra pressure on existing hospital, doctors, schools etc.
A general spoiling of the village and countryside;
Using land that in the near future will be urgently needed for food production the way the population is increasing.

More details about Rep ID: 6435

Representation ID: 5771

OBJECT Mrs Amanda Barnes


There has been no thought to infrastructure in this local plan. The roads cannot take the weight of potentially another 1500 cars in the village. The roads are narrow and in most places could not be widened to accommodate this.
There is no thought to facilities like doctors, vets or schools.
The village is exactly that - a village - and the scale of the development you are planning will swamp Copdock and Washbrook.

More details about Rep ID: 5771

Representation ID: 5760

OBJECT Rita Lungley


I appreciate that more homes are required and I would be happy to accept a few properties for residential use if roads, schools and medical facilities were built and staffed to deal with the population.

More details about Rep ID: 5760

Representation ID: 5730

OBJECT Mrs Mary Woods


I have serious worries about additional traffic on Folly Lane and the old London Road where there are already traffic queues and congestion.

More details about Rep ID: 5730

Representation ID: 5548

OBJECT mr simon downey


Objection is based on proportionality, and lack of consideration of the existing heritage, infrastructure, local woodland and wildlife and residential amenity, and thus appears not to comply with the national planning policy framework. A smaller, proportional development sympathetic to the current status of the village and in line with the local parish plan is required.

More details about Rep ID: 5548

Representation ID: 5348

OBJECT Mr Chris Heath


The stretch of the A12 in this area cannot currently cope with the volume of traffic using it. Each year more and more vehicles are using the old London Road as an alternative route (often exceeding the 50mph speed limit) making it hazardous getting in and out of properties and causing heavy traffic congestion on Swan Hill. The building of 500-600 houses and industrial units will severely worsen the situation.
There also appears to be no thought given whatsoever to local infrastructure development such as schools and doctors when existing facilities are already unable to cope with current population demand.

More details about Rep ID: 5348

Representation ID: 5077

COMMENT Mr john barnett


Based on the information available it seems that over the relevant period 4210 new dwellings are required within the Babergh area. The proposals on the consultation document identify almost 15% of that requirement will be based in Copdock and Washbrook. Whilst some development is acceptable the proposals regarding housing are disproportionate and would cause issues around transport, health, education etc. Should development take place it should be in the southern end with quick access to the A12, in my view, and on a far smaller scale.

More details about Rep ID: 5077

Representation ID: 4434

COMMENT Mr Terry Corner


Sites 878 and 589 would seem to be the same site to my untrained eye.

More details about Rep ID: 4434

Representation ID: 4426

COMMENT Mr Terry Corner


SS0945 Land South of London Road and west of Mill Lane.
We think you mean east of the London Road, South of Mill Lane. Serving Gladwell's Country Store and Mill

More details about Rep ID: 4426

Representation ID: 4425

COMMENT Mr Terry Corner


SS0245 Jubilee Meadow, Mill Lane
Jubilee Meadow is on the flood plain and is the Village Recreation site. See SS0945.
Mill lane was split into two when the London Road was built. Subsequently developed into a dual carriage way. Perhaps should be regarded as Mill Lane East and West.

More details about Rep ID: 4425

Representation ID: 4423

COMMENT Mr Terry Corner


SS0919 Lane west of London Road and South of Folly Road
What a Freudian slip. It is Folly Lane. The residents have issues over the width of the lane. In places two cars pass with difficulty. Car and lorry is impossible. Most residents have put white painted concrete blocks on the verge, which gives limited protection to their gardens.

More details about Rep ID: 4423

Representation ID: 4422

COMMENT Mr Terry Corner


The Parishes Community Led Development Plan identified shortages in our infrastructure as key elements. Roads, School and Doctors. This draft District Plan seeking to regularise over 500 additional houses that would double the size of the village. Many residents opted to live in a rural environment. Attempting to meet Ipswich's land demand only serves to pull Copdock and Washbrook into outer Ipswich. The A14 road is seen as a natural barrier between Town and Country. Our Community Led Development Plan attempted to add a green buffer along the A14 to create space between Town and Country.

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Representation ID: 4101



i am a resident of copdock and i live in elm lane which in recent years has become more unpleasant to live in due to the volume of traffic which brings noise pollution and dangers on this single track lane even hgv. the village often gets grid locked which at times makes it difficult to get to doctors appointments etc i can only object to development of the massive house and industrial proposals in the new and old a12 back lane and elm lane which i can only see my quality of life getting worse and i cannot fore see any road improvements or new schools docters etc in my life time.

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Representation ID: 3829

OBJECT Mrs Michaela Chan


Increased Air pollution, increased noise pollution, increased traffic problems, loss of of wildlife habitats..... I am struggling to find any positives in the proposed developments. The size and scale of the developments are not suitable for a village, and will turn Copdock and Washbrook into yet another housing estate. Let Copdock and Washbrook keep its identity as a village.

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Representation ID: 3714

OBJECT Mr James Lucas


The loss of prime agricultural land by this development will impair our ability for a sustainable food production policy in this county. The present infrastructure will not be sufficient for the increase in population resulting from this development.

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Representation ID: 3371

OBJECT Mr Richard Barnes


Whilst not apposing all development I do feel the amount of new buildings that are being proposed for Copdock and Washbrook VILLAGES is far to big. The current infrastructure is barely able to cope now, a development of this magnitude will swamp the current size of the villages that are at present a pleasant place to live. To add possibly another 700 vehicles (as people run at least 2 cars per household+lorries from new mineral site) into the road system and accommodate extra sewage for the development seems crazy when the current system is finding it hard to be efficient.

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Representation ID: 3366

OBJECT Mrs Heather Moir


Our Village can't cope with 600 extra houses, with a possibility of an extra 1800+ vehicles using our inadequate, dangerous roads. If there is one problem at Copdock interchange the village becomes gridlocked. This enhances the danger for the school children due to the speeding vehicles. Our school is at full capacity already, as are the doctors' surgeries. We need to take a look at how our village is struggling now with it's youth. There is nothing for them at present & as the number grows THIS COULD encourage unsociable behaviour. We can't cope with 600 houses.

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Representation ID: 3110

OBJECT Mrs Tarja Burtsal


I have no objection to the new housing plan if it is properly executed. However, it is not clear if there is currently any provision for new roads, schools, GP surgeries, shops etc. The local roads, especially the Copdock roundabout and Swan Hill, are currently severely congested and not able to cope with the existing volume of traffic. If additional development is considered to the area this must not be ignored.

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Representation ID: 2891

COMMENT Mr & Mrs Geoff & Judy Wood


We moved here to live in a village and a disproportionate amount of development will make it a suburb of Ipswich. The current infrastructure would not support a huge increase in size. A big concern is the effect extra traffic would have on the village roads. Before any final decisions are made, we expect full consultation to be entered into.

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Representation ID: 2801

OBJECT Mr Chris Phillips


The plans for this area are outrageous, the infrastructure cannot cope at the moment, how will it cope with plans to more than double the number of houses. I chose to live in a village and pay a premium through my village precept for the privelege. I do not kindly to an officer from Babergh District council saying that i will stagnate if more houses are not built. One local doctors is closed to new patients, the school is full with no further capacity. Roads are heavily congested especially when there is an incident on A12.

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Representation ID: 2762

OBJECT Mr Adrian Ward


Development of this scale will destroy a small village without the infrastructure to support.

More details about Rep ID: 2762

Representation ID: 2701

OBJECT Mr Richard Waterman


Road infrastucture and amenities within Washbrook can not handle the amount of traffic we currently experiance at peak times trying to cicumnavigate the inadaquate Copdock Interchange, traffic leaving the A12, often stattic traffic queing down Old London Road to Whites Corner, through the village, up Swan Hill to Sproughton and across to Hadliegh Road,causing a hazzard to locals, Pedestrians and Cyclists alike, Co2 polution, large lorries blocking the roads, cutting off the village. Without any new roads planned in the forseeable future any extra housing and increase in traffic can only compound the problems.

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Representation ID: 2454

OBJECT Anne & Dennis Kell


Concerns over sustainability of proposed development in the village of Copdock. The local infrastructure will NOT cope with the type of development you propose.

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Representation ID: 2450

OBJECT Mr & Mrs C.R. Brixey


This development is Council & developer GREED - leave out village alone!!!
We are all ready to stick together as a village and oppose all of the list plans, so be prepared for a FIGHT!!!!

More details about Rep ID: 2450

Representation ID: 2447

OBJECT Ms Catherine Dell


No reference to infrastructure development:
- highways: congestion on A12, particularly at rush hour and from 2:30pm
- medical facilities: Capel St Mary practice is stretched, practices in Ipswich not taking on new patients.
- education: how many more children can Copdock school accommodate?

Folly Lane & London Road;
- London Road cannot cope with existing traffic which routinely spills over from congested A12; development will make situation far worse
- creating a residential area beyond the 'village proper' will make it difficult for people to identify with the village and, without a car, to access its facilities
Recent proposals for Folly Lane were turned down as in places the lane is single file.

More details about Rep ID: 2447

Representation ID: 2356

OBJECT Mr Andrew Ward


Traffic through Washbrook during peak hours in the morning and evening is already heavy, leading to delays, congestion, pollution and safety concerns. When there is a delay on the A12, additional traffic heads along the old A12 and through the village, causing substantial disruption. Traffic sometimes backs up all the way to the A12 Copdock junction, causing further delays/accidents on the A12.

The addition of a large volume of housing and additional industrial premises, without the provision of alternative routes, will be too much for the local infrastructure, which is already stretched as detailed above, to cope with.

More details about Rep ID: 2356

Representation ID: 2146

OBJECT Anne & Dennis Kell


Whilst we appreciate the need for new housing, especially affordable housing for young people who have grown up in this area, we feel that what you are proposing for the village of Copdock is wholly unacceptable. A growth of 10% seems acceptable if implemented across the district would more than meet the housing needs. Scale of development would alter the character of the village.

Apart from the old A12 none of the other roads in the area can carry increasing traffic loads.

Primary school is over-subscribed and cannot expand to accommodate increase in demand. Access to school on foot is difficult and dangerous.

No medical facilities, increasing the need to travel. What plans are there in place for dealing with increased sewage waste demand?

Copdock is a VILLAGE and we would like to keep it that way.

More details about Rep ID: 2146

Representation ID: 2027



This plan is totally impractical. Proposed total of 600 homes and industrial units would overwhelm the infrastructure of the village. Huge sums of money would be needed to upgrade current roads, sewage and utilities. There are not sufficient bus services, G.P's, schools to support this number of new residents, on proposed site ref SS0245 is a flood plain!! The whole scheme is ridiculous and badly thought through.

More details about Rep ID: 2027

Representation ID: 2014

OBJECT Mrs J Vincent


I object on the grounds of no new proposed infrastructure to support 600+ homes, to include roads, schools, doctor surgeries etc.

In addition a number (high) of proposed sites are on flood plains. Lack of knowledge of areas in question by proposing councillors.

More details about Rep ID: 2014

Representation ID: 2006

OBJECT Grant & Laura Houlden


Size & scale of development.
Effect on current school, roads and general living environment
Moved here 17 months ago to move to a small village location and this will be lost. Disruption while being built and beyond danger to children safety issue due to increase traffic.

More details about Rep ID: 2006

Representation ID: 2005

OBJECT Mr C.J.M. Haines


The community could not possibly assimilate these numbers of newcomers. About 30% of the proposed development would be sensible.

More details about Rep ID: 2005

Representation ID: 1631

OBJECT Jemma Mansfield


We object to the Joint Local Plan as the number of houses planned is not acceptable and would seriously impact on the villages in a negative way. The infrastructure is not in place to cope with large scale development. The roads through the village already cannot cope with traffic especially as used as a cut through from A12 by lorries. We chose to live in a village not a town!! You are planning to create a town without any facilities.

More details about Rep ID: 1631

Representation ID: 1522

OBJECT Mr & Mrs Richard Haden-Scott


We have only just moved to the area but already find the roads leading to A12 and A14 very congested particularly at peak times. Any further development without considerable infrastructure improvement would make the area gridlocked at peak times.

This area is abundant with wildlife such a development could only have a detrimental impact on their habitat.

More details about Rep ID: 1522

Representation ID: 1427

OBJECT Mr Brian J. Geary and 1 other


Village used as a "rat run" to avoid the Copdock roundabout. Where would all the additional traffic go?
Would totally take away our treasured village life. Totally opposed to the Joint Local Plan.

More details about Rep ID: 1427

Representation ID: 1327

COMMENT Mrs Celia Jane Fisher


The obvious place for development is along the old A12 nearest to access to the new A12. That suggested near to Folly Lane and area, is the most suitable.

More details about Rep ID: 1327

Representation ID: 956

OBJECT Mr Kristian Thorpe


Settlement Boundary:
My property unlike my neighbours has not been selected to have it's boundary extended if the proposals go ahead I would like to know why this is and I would expect my property to be considered in the same way as my neighbours.

More details about Rep ID: 956

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