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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - Great Cornard

Representation ID: 11513

OBJECT Great Cornard Parish Council (Nadine Tamlyn )


It is difficult to consider whether the new settlement boundaries are appropriate for Great Cornard, as the decision to include part of Great Cornard and Chilton with Sudbury has made it difficult to make that assessment. As previously stated, Great Cornard is the second largest population centre in the Babergh district and should be recognised throughout the plan as a settlement in its own right.

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Representation ID: 10841

OBJECT Mr AWR Lockhart


With the existing housing and industrial development in the general area of Sudbury and Great Cornard and future development areas to be completed, the Local Plan proposals are unsustainable. The area is being swamped with development to such an extent that the character of the market town and surrounding villages are being systematically destroyed.

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Representation ID: 8196

OBJECT Mr Ian Wingate


Object to the site due to flood risk.

Despite written promises from Babergh officials to maintain Black Brook and in conjunction with my voluntary efforts to help mitigate flood risk, I find the only permanent commitment to the project is me and Mr Barry.

Assessment does not formally acknowledge the flood risk, but merely refers to 'mitigation of flood risk'. This is insufficient.

Babergh's Strategic Flood Risk Assessment is almost nine years old and unfit for purpose. Has a Site Specific Flood Risk Assessment been performed?

This development plan is flawed and increases flood risk to existing homes and people.

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Representation ID: 3623

OBJECT debbie ping


The areas identified for development represent a gross overdevelopment of the village. Importantly, the highly contravercial development at Sheepshead Hill ('WoodlandRise') currently taking place is not shown on your map. None of the houses have yet been completed and this development will add significantly to traffic issues and pressure on facilities once completed, as well as losing valued green space and attractive views. To omit this gives a totally false impression. It sits between other areas identified for development therefore completing a band completely enveloping the north and east of the village.

More details about Rep ID: 3623

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