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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - Great Waldingfield

Representation ID: 11256

OBJECT Suffolk Wildlife Trust (Mr James Meyer)


Sites SS0194, SS0196, SS0198, SS0200, SS0247, SS0948 and SS1029 - these sites represent large blocks of land which are likely to contain species and/or habitats of nature conservation interest. Further assessment is therefore required to determine whether development in this location is likely to result in any adverse ecological impacts.

In addition to this, site SS0948 borders Waldingfield Airfield CWS and may support habitats similar to those found on the CWS. Further assessment is therefore required prior to allocation to determine whether development of this site is likely to result in any adverse impact on the CWS.

More details about Rep ID: 11256

Representation ID: 7797

SUPPORT Artisan PPS Ltd (Mr. Leslie Short)


The recent review of settlement hierarchy conducted by the Council correctly reassesses this village as a Core Village which is of a scale and size and with facilities where one can expect to deliver housing growth alongside commensurate provision of infrastructure which is the sole purpose and function of CIL and which will apply to any new development. Further growth will not only assist in the retention of existing services, it will provide a fillip to the local economy and encourage the provision of new facilities and services.

More details about Rep ID: 7797

Representation ID: 6208

OBJECT Endurance Estates represented by Savills (Mr Paul Rowland)


promoted sites are listed as SS 0194, SS0196,SS0198, SS0200, and SS0247. All these sites suggest major incursions into the countryside, not well related to the settlement or are in sensitive landscape areas where queries remains about the accessibility to such sites as indicated in the site assessments prepared by the Council.

We do not support any of these allocations and nor do we consider that the settlement boundary be amended to incorporate them.

A separate representation is made for land off Waldingfield Road which we consider appropriate for allocation . See our response to Q79

More details about Rep ID: 6208

Representation ID: 4853

OBJECT Dr David Taylor


Inadequate infrastructure for more large scale development, especially following recent construction of 100 new houses north of Folly Road.
Loss of good arable land, wildlife habitat, landscape and informal recreation.
No employment opportunities in village.
Local roads already dangerous and overcrowded.

More details about Rep ID: 4853

Representation ID: 2689

OBJECT Mr & Mrs Layer


Scale: Proposals indicated suggests development of a magnitude which would fundamentally alter the nature of the village.

Development Criteria: Much of the land is Grade 2 Agricultural Land. Brownfield sites have not been included. Spread away from traditional centre of village. Reducing the buffer between Great Waldingfield and Chilton.

Roads: Great Waldingfield is poorly served by unfit roads none of which have received any significant upgrades for decades.

Primary school is full, with no potential for further development on the current site. No GP surgery, difficulties in obtaining appointments in nearby settlements.

Utility services are at or above capacity.

Minimal employment opportunities in Great Waldingfield.

More details about Rep ID: 2689

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