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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - Holbrook

Representation ID: 12158

COMMENT Julia Last


I would like the boundary of the village envelope to be observed in decisions on increasing housing within Holbrook.

Type of Housing: I want to see 1,2 and 3 bedroom houses. I am particularly concerned that there be inclusion of 1 bedroom houses, proper homes with gardens however small, a type of dwelling often given little priority by commercial developers in rural settings.

I want to see at least 30% of the houses built in Holbrook to be for social housing. I don't want to see any more 4 and 5 bedroom houses. I don't think new buildings of more than 2 storeys are appropriate in Holbrook.

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Representation ID: 11348

COMMENT Mary Field


Maintain the village envelope
Most suitable sites for future development:
1) Ipswich Road Site
2) Hyams Lane Site (would need a new access road to Ipswich Road)

No more 4 and 5 bed large houses, instead 2/3 bed homes for families and single person units are needed. No 3 story buildings. 30% homes for social renting.

More details about Rep ID: 11348

Representation ID: 10637

OBJECT Mr Colin Appleby


The Neighbourhood / Development Plan for Holbrook at the moment being discussed and consulted on as well as further issues of concern to the wider community should consider there is no need for this kind of open market housing in the community. Holbrook already has enough large houses in the village this brings me onto the third proposed Development site in question (woodlands).

More details about Rep ID: 10637

Representation ID: 7792

SUPPORT Mr John Ambrose


Holbrook Parish Council considers the settlement boundary for the village of Holbrook to be appropriate as it follows the natural of the village.

More details about Rep ID: 7792

Representation ID: 5796

OBJECT D V Bennett & P T Bennett


I am writing to raise a number of points which I feel need answering:
1) The Doctor's surgery couldn't cope with such a large influx of people
2) The schools couldn't cope
3) Loss of high grade agricultural land. There must be brown field sites to consider
4) Loss of woodland for birds and badgers
5) Water mains cannot cope
6) Woodlands Road site borders on an scheduled ancient monument
7) Roads into Ipswich couldn't cope with all the extra traffic, especially when there is a high tide along the Strand as it floods across the road.

More details about Rep ID: 5796

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