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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - Lawshall

Representation ID: 7925

COMMENT Mr Grenville Clarke


Hedgerows in this parish are very important to the character and feel of the village. The Neighbourhood Plan highlights this.The wildlife corridor value is often underestimated. In a book recently published on our local SSSI, Frithy Wood the land owners that adjoined the wood were thanked for maintaining their hedges which help enhance the wildlife value of the wood
Many of the important views contain ancient hedgerows.
Road side hedges have additional benefit providing shelter from traffic noise and spray as well as a wind and occasionally snow breaks!

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Representation ID: 6862

OBJECT mrs elizabeth clarke


I do not agree with the settlements as set out in the Draft BDC Local Plan.
Those that are defined as clusters boundaries in Lawshall Neighbourhood Plan are what we as a village wish to adhere to. I believe our Neighbourhood Plan to be law now and that the wishes of the village should be listened to.

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Representation ID: 4649



In summary, the Parish Council is acutely aware of the need for growth in the District and of the imperative for Hinterland Villages to accommodate a proportional percentage of this growth. Their rejection of the identified sites, in their current form, is premised on their conviction that the village's growth needs can be satisfied without compromising, as these sites do, the principles enshrined in Lawshall's Neighbourhood Plan.

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Representation ID: 2182

COMMENT Mr Adrian Walters


Please protect the 'Area of Local landscape Sensitivity' and retain at least some of the extended views over the 'Undulating Ancient Farmland'.

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