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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - Long Melford

Representation ID: 13142

OBJECT Mr Brian West and 1082 others


The current infrastructure is at breaking point (doctors, school, traffic and parking) and 200+ homes in development will create an intolerable strain.

Much of the housing is too expensive and unsuitable for local needs. Expensive houses only benefit the developers.

Long Melford is a unique and historic village and a tourist attraction. Tourism is the lifeblood of the village for the shops, cafes, restaurants and pubs. Increasing traffic and parking problems will turn people away.

Further development must be in keeping in size/character and supported by infrastructure improvements.

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Representation ID: 8274

COMMENT Mr David Watts


Long Melford (South) map. What does the dotted red line mean? It is not explained anywhere as far as I can see.

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Representation ID: 4107

OBJECT Mr Brian West


Long Melford has over 200 houses in development we cannot stop this. The current infrastructure is at breaking point. It is an historic village which relies on tourists. If there is to be more development in the future it must be in keeping and in size with the character of the village , the local infrastructure must be in place to support this.

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Representation ID: 1319

OBJECT Nicola Adams


Please stop any more planning going ahead in Long Melford it is ruining this village, we will be a town soon if we are not already. Long Melford cannot take anymore, we do not have the resources unless you plan to build new doctors surgery and school, and commit to getting new doctors which you can't do.

Please start respecting the countryside for what it is meant to be and not keep looking for ways to make more money.

There are so many buildings that are derelict / un- lived in, in the country, these are the buildings that should be being converted or rebuilt before new houses are. DIY SOS actually did this for ex-military and it works. Please use your initiative to make that happen, and not build on our fields.

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Representation ID: 459

OBJECT Mr Robert Thurlbourne


With reference to the Joint Local Plan I understand that no one wants development close to them but I feel very strongly that any further development close to Long Melford can only be to the detriment of what is a unique environment. The village is in danger of becoming a beautiful historic place surrounded by a housing estate, resulting in an adverse impact on the local infrastructure and residents as well as the thousands of visitors who come here each year.
Enough is enough - this is not just an exercise in satisfying government quotas. It is also about preserving unique places for future generations.

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Representation ID: 390

OBJECT Mr David King


Our lovely village is about to be destroyed by greed and self interest from existing developments. Local needs are more than met by these developments . The new proposals in the plan push this to an even higher level. Berbergh should not be colluding with the Hyde-Parkers to further destroy our village. Stop overdevelopment before it is too late. S

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Representation ID: 356

OBJECT Mr Rob Simpson


I would seriously oppose any further planned developments within the village.
And that definitely includes anything going behind the Harefield site in the north of our village. We are getting too congested in Melford. Our village risks being ruined, our infrastructure is becoming heavily stretched already, and people feel very angry, or unsettled by the new plans!

Existing & new properties are too expensive, causing an influx of London/Commuter types

More details about Rep ID: 356

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