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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - Wherstead

Representation ID: 12163

OBJECT Douglas William Cobb


I feel no thought has gone into the state of the current and what amount of improvement is required to the infrastructure in the area to the south of Ipswich ie Copdock, Wherstead etc. any major development would appear to be on land not part of Babergh's Core Strategy plan No:11. Klondyke field, Wherstead is currently classified as countryside by Babergh, and where in their eyes well outside the current remit for building! Any large development in any part of south Ipswich will cause many more problems to the road system in the Copdock Roundabout area. A14/A12 over the Orwell Bridge and into Ipswich via Wherstead. I not the High Court up-held a challenge to Babergh in the case of a development, reference a complete disregard of their policies in particular Core Strategy 11. More could follow!

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Representation ID: 7489

OBJECT Mrs Gillian West


Extension of BUAB on Bourne Hill to encompass Bourne Hall, The Barn & The Old Byre: disagree strenuously with this as its extension exposes theses properties to landowners manipulating extension of boundary to leverage inappropriate development in a AONB/Conservation Area on basis of adjacency to BUAB. Bourne Hall is a Grade II listed building & encroachment on its curtilege by built-up area would be unacceptable. This is an illogical, inappropriate and unjustifiable proposal which is of zero benefit to the properties involved, and is in fact to their detriment and would lead to loss of amenity.

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Representation ID: 3093

OBJECT Mr Des Lydon


There are no local amenities to cater for this village being developed with modern housing estates. The village has a small and rich diverse wild life separation from Ipswich, this must be maintained. Present community is mainly elderly and retired residents. The village has a very limited bus service with major traffic congestion on Wherstead and Shotley roads. School places are extremely limited and doctors and dentist facilities in the area are over busy, making doctors' appointments very difficult.

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