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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - Woolverstone

Representation ID: 11485

OBJECT Stour & Orwell Society (Ms Emma Proctor King)


SS0203 and SS0255 - Both these sites are completely inappropriate in landscape and sustainability terms.
Woolverstone has no facilities or shops and is not the place to locate substantial additional development. The site between the two proposed sites would also be extremely vulnerable.

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Representation ID: 5270

OBJECT Mr Paul Rogers


Woolverstone has no pubs, shops, post office, no mains gas supply, patchy broadband and very poor road network. A single stopped vehicle causes long tailbacks at rush hour. There is no linked pavement and the road is dangerous for both cyclists and pedestrians. What the hamlet of Woolverstone does have is agricultural land, an AONB and many Grade 1 and Grade 2 listed properties. This hamlet is wholly unsuitable for expansion unless the Council's aim is to destroy as much history, farmland and AONBs as possible in the pursuit of meeting a housing target.

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Representation ID: 3900

OBJECT Mrs Rosemary Blackburn


The current settlement boundary for Woolverstone should remain the same. The village does not have the facilities/infrastructure for any further development. Additionally, the historic character of the village would be lost

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Representation ID: 1990

OBJECT Robert Wildbore


Woolverstone is a hamlet. Not a town, not a village. it has not the infrastructure to support development on the scale shown. An area of outstanding natural beauty, a designated conservation area is simply not suitable for housing on this scale. What safeguards are in place to ensure that any and all future development is done in keeping with the environment? What guarantees will be established to ensure that new housing is sympathetic to traditional architecture and the environment, rather than maximise the profits of developers?

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Representation ID: 645

OBJECT Mrs Patricia March


Extending the envelope to include the area of Dairy Farm and the Walled Garden would remove the envelope protection and make both areas susceptible to development.The Walled Garden is listed: losing this part of our heritage to satisfy a developer's drive for profit is unacceptable; also access from Nursery Lane is on a dangerous blind bend. The main road already struggles, Wherstead roundabout sees queues, Freston junction remains a traffic hazard and the road floods on the Strand. supply is inadequate with regular cuts occurring. No gas.

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Representation ID: 626

OBJECT Mr Matthew March


Woolverstone is a hamlet that will not sustain further development other than minor infill. I am particularly worried about Dairy Farm and the Walled Garden, any developments here would ruin part of our national heritage, to the detriment of future generations.
In a wider sense the local infrastructure, notably the road currently struggles to cope and future developments on the peninsula will see it overwhelmed. Road from Chelmondiston to Shotley is a death trap already.

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Representation ID: 477

OBJECT Woolverstone Parish Council (Mr Simon Pearce)


Built Up Area Boundary:

The proposal to change the village boundary in Woolverstone is ill-thought out. The most recent part of the Nursery development was granted exceptional planning permission as this area was outside the BUAB, yet in an AONB, in order to preserve the Grade 2 listed Walled garden and associated structures. It seems a flawed or perverse logic to propose that, as there are now buildings there, this should be the new settlement boundary with the possible implications of this with building policy within the BUAB.

When the boundaries were drawn, was there an investigation into the context of existing development.

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Representation ID: 474

OBJECT Woolverstone Parish Council (Mr Simon Pearce)


Woolverstone is a designated Conservation Area which contains many listed buildings and structures considered to be of national importance. The entire village to the North side of the B1456 is within the Suffolk Coasts and Heaths Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The remainder of the village is within the Coast and Heaths project area and should be protected. The village is surrounded by Grade 2 Agricultural Land. There is a village Conservation Appraisal and Design statement. All these designations need to be taken into account when assessing Woolverstone for further housing/employment but do not appear to be taken into account.

More details about Rep ID: 474

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