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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - Key Social Issues

Representation ID: 13149

SUPPORT Taylor Wimpey represented by Boyer Planning (Mr. James Bailey)


We agree with the Council's Key Social Issues, particularly, their recognition of the Districts' growing population.

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Representation ID: 12446

SUPPORT Taylor Wimpey represented by Boyer Planning (Ms Libby Hindle)


We agree with the Council's Key Social Issues, particularly, their recognition of the District's growing population.

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Representation ID: 12296

SUPPORT Taylor Wimpey represented by Boyer Planning (Mr. James Bailey)


We agree with the Council's Key Social Issues, particularly, their recognition of the Districts' growing population.

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Representation ID: 12067

COMMENT Lord Andrew Phillips OBE


managing the impact on incoming population into towns is a key social/cultural issue. Chilton Woods development will have a population the size of Clare to be placed on the eastern edge of Sudbury.

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Representation ID: 11948

SUPPORT Fieldens Ltd represented by Boyer Planning (Mr. James Bailey)


We agree with the Council's Key Social Issues, particularly, their recognition of the Districts' growing population.

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Representation ID: 11654

COMMENT Haughley Park Consortium represented by Boyer Planning (Mr. James Bailey)


Overall, we agree with the Council's Key Social Issues, particularly in respect of the Districts' growing housing need.
We also agree that Mid Suffolk currently holds a low business formation rate and this represents a Key Economic Issue across the Districts.
We also agree with the Councils that there is an employment land needs requirement in Mid Suffolk, which includes Small Business Units (B1b) and Distribution (B8).
We welcome the recognition that Babergh and Mid Suffolk are rich in heritage assets, which represents itself as an "Environmental Issue" to be recognised across the Districts.

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Representation ID: 8452

OBJECT Mr Michael Beiley


The 2014 study took no account of the potential impact of Brexit e.g. control of inward migration and housing demand . A more cautious and conservative approach should be adopted until the impacts of Brexit become clearer.

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Representation ID: 8039

COMMENT Roger Brand


The question of the ageing demographic is a serious one. Villages like Beyton need some new life. By my estimate we have more dogs than children and more unoccupied bedrooms than occupied. The price of property is not the only reason for this. There seems little to attract young families, who tend to prefer the likes of Moreton Hall in Bury. Unless things change, the village will just become a resting place for the elderly. If that is the intention, better provision for the elderly is required

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Representation ID: 6624

COMMENT Mr Peter Powell


The key social issues highlight the need to stick to the 35% affordable housing, to promote Starter homes that are more appropriate for the young people in our communities, and promote bungalows that are needed for our ageing population. But the one thing missing from this JLP is any consideration to start building Council properties.
Over the last few decades commercial building has been relatively constant, it was the decline in council building that has had the biggest impact in decline of new homes. Councils building supports local trades and can better provide affordable housing.

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Representation ID: 6215

COMMENT MSDC Green Group (Cllr John Matthissen)


Revised text see full submission

More details about Rep ID: 6215

Representation ID: 5688

COMMENT Ms Helen Davies


With a growing elderly population and a significant level of deprivation housing will need to reflect these needs - bungalows and starter homes which people can afford - not the preferred 3/4 bed houses that developers want to build - the right houses in the right places.

Babergh needs to stick to the agreed percentage of affordable housing - 35% and not accept less from developers.

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Representation ID: 4407

OBJECT Mr Martin Hayman


Has this jargon filled David Brent-eque twaddle even been proof-read?

Delivery? Houses and policies cannot be delivered. Homes can be built or constructed, Policies can have their objectives or targets met. Delivering is the function of postmen and companies such as DHL.

Full of split infinitives and references to 'alternatives' (there can only ever be one alternative), this document is sub GCSE standard.

"Whilst there is extensive countryside previous assessments for Babergh and Mid Suffolk have identified an identified deficiency in accessible open space provision,"
Please rewrite in clear English and have someone intelligent read it before publication

More details about Rep ID: 4407

Representation ID: 3361

OBJECT Mr John Bellwood


Population growth takes no account of the consequences of Brexit and is likely to be over-estimated.

The starting point for housing must derive from an accurate forecast of population growth, the plan must go back to this starting point and forward forward.

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Representation ID: 1351

COMMENT Ms Carole Skippen


The aim should be to build more housing for the elderly to remain independent in their own homes this means having smaller & more manageable homes.
Before taking away our beautiful countryside surely it would be better to redevelop brownfield sites & town centres.
Countryside & rural area's already have a shortfall of schools which would mean children would have to travel miles to already over subscribed town schools.

More details about Rep ID: 1351

Representation ID: 916

COMMENT Mr David Brown


Overall the Plan expresses some good ideas, but I fear that a lot of opportunities to improve the villages of Elmswell & Woolpit will be lost due to planning conditions being diluted to enhance the profits of the developers. Both villages will require improvement in social, commercial, industrial and medical facilities. Both villages will require significant infrastructure upgrades. Any further development to the north of the railway in Elmswell will make the provision of a relief road over the railway essential.

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Representation ID: 915

SUPPORT Mr David Brown


Housing needs to suitable for the variety of needs and affordable for first time buyers especially.
It is not difficult to offer a wide range of dwellings to suit most needs.

More details about Rep ID: 915

Representation ID: 844

COMMENT Mrs Gillian West


1. Need to improve educational provision to reduce/avoid pupil commute.
2. BDC should aim to build more housing for elderly to remain independent but have smaller, more manageable homes.
3. Instead of 'community open spaces' BDC/Planning need to stop over-development of residential estates where homes have tiny gardens & no outdoor recreation provision for residents/young people. Not acceptable to off-set elsewhere.
4. Desperately need to prioritise social house construction thru' redevelopment of brownfield sites, including town centres & peripheries, to avoid unnecessary/unacceptable use of greenfield/agricultural land.

More details about Rep ID: 844

Representation ID: 732

OBJECT Mr. Nick Miller for Sudbury Green Belt Group


The plan is deficient in its priorities, and in what is left out. Needs to refer to an overall objective of a 'bottom line' for environmental and social safeguards, and recognition that infill, sprawl and ribbon effect will result from this Plan. Future Green spaces to be saved must be identified and ring-fenced from development, in advance of development plans (hasn't happened with Chilton Woods), so that both are catered for long-term.

More details about Rep ID: 732

Representation ID: 706

OBJECT Martyn Levett


1. (a) The population of Babergh was previously projected to increase by 7,500 between 1996 and 2016 (86,100 to 93,600, or just over 375 per annum) (b) your figure for the growing population is projected on the same premise: an increase of 8,000 people. However, this is another erroneous projection replicated from the previous data.
2. If house prices represents 9x average income with 28% of the population income deprived, how do you justify permissions for larger developments with 3, 4 and 5 bedroom houses between £250,000 - £500,000 requiring incomes of £47,000 - £66,000 pa on pro-rata average income

More details about Rep ID: 706

Representation ID: 437

COMMENT RSPB Stour Estuary and Wolves Wood (Mr Mark Nowers)


The RSPB welcomes the Council has identified a deficiency in accessible green space.

We direct the Council to Natural England's Accessible Natural Green Space Standards.

Accessible Natural greenspaces are important for people's physical and mental well being and can help reduce levels of heart disease, obesity and depression.

More details about Rep ID: 437

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