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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - Bacton

Representation ID: 11270

OBJECT Suffolk Wildlife Trust (Mr James Meyer)


Sites SS0074, SS0088, SS0099, SS0130, SS0266 and SS0859 - these sites represent a large block of land which is likely to contain species and/or habitats of nature conservation interest. Further assessment is therefore required to determine whether development in this location is likely to result in any adverse ecological impacts.

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Representation ID: 10193

COMMENT Historic England (Katie Parsons)


A large number of site allocations are being considered at Bacton which would result in the significant expansion of the settlement. This historic village contains a high
concentration of listed building sand structures including the Grade I listed Church of St Mary of mainly C14 and C15 construction and the Grade II* Manor House. The
sites being considered are open greenfield sites. The open land around many of the listed buildings within the Village contributes positively to their significance, particularly the Grade II* Manor House. The presence of these heritage assets and their settings should be considered carefully as part of the site allocation process.
The use of mitigation such as green spaces and buffer zones may be helpful. The cumulative impacts resulting from the development of so many sites within the Village must also be considered.

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Representation ID: 3130

SUPPORT Mr Shaun Ewing


The 3 acre strip of land opposite Bacton Community Middle school which runs parallel to the road heading towards Wyverstone should be considered for housing development. It is not part of the large agricultural land used for farming.

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