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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - Debenham

Representation ID: 12703

COMMENT Environment Agency (Miss Charlie Christensen)


Modelling has demonstrated, in Debenham, that upstream attenuation of flood water could have significant flood risk benefits for the village; reducing both flood extents and depths as well as economic damages.
Increasing the attenuation of runoff from all developments upstream of the village could offer significant opportunities for reducing flood risk within the village of Debenham

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Representation ID: 12527

COMMENT Taylor Wimpey represented by Boyer Planning (Ms Libby Hindle)


We consider that Debenham should be given a new settlement boundary to incorporate Land North of Gracechurch Street and to the north of Low Road.

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Representation ID: 11370

SUPPORT Debenham Parish Council (Mr Richard Blackwell)


Agree proposed settlement boundaries for Debenham are appropriate

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Representation ID: 9769

COMMENT Miss R P Baillon


With regard to Debenham: the depiction on the map of the proposed new settlement boundary is not clear and cannot be clearly distinguished from the existing settlement boundary. So I cannot comment.

With regard to other towns, villages and hamlets I am not in a position to comment as I do not know the settlements sufficiently well.

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Representation ID: 64

OBJECT Mrs J Rutherford


In summary, my objection is based on overstretched schools, health services facilities and shopping inadequate parking and excessive traffic congestion.

More details about Rep ID: 64

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