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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - Eye

Representation ID: 13049

COMMENT Eye Town Council (Mr Andy Robinson)


Eye Town Council consulted local residents. The Town Council wishes to make the following comments:
Likely to support limited additional residential development but only within an overall vision and plan
Majority support residential development of Paddock House, strong feeling of being let down by the District Council.
Extent and location of other sites for residential development should be informed by the overall plan
May be that concentrating development around the land north of Castleton Way/south of the Airfield is the best way to achieve these outcomes but this should be tested.
Access to the A140 is difficult and dangerous and should be addressed through a traffic study.
g. The Primary School is close to capacity and short term increases in capacity may not be the best medium to long term solution. Alternative locations for a primary school should be investigated as part of the overall plan.

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Representation ID: 13047

COMMENT Eye Town Council (Mr Andy Robinson)


Town Council demands that all future decisions on planning or economic development are taken within the context of an overall vision and plan for Eye which:
Recognises the qualities of Eye and seeks to protect and enhance its assets and provide for quality in services and design.
Plans for movement in a way that protects the town from unnecessary through traffic, provides improved access to the A140 and improves cycling/walking opportunities.
Readdresses existing infrastructure deficit and makes long term plans for infrastructure.
Creates conditions for shops and services to meet the needs of current and future Eye residents, including a plan for Town Centre Parking.
Explains role of Eye Airfield in terms of its expected contribution to the economic plan for Suffolk.
Ensures that developer contributions and other funding enable the plan to be fully implemented.

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Representation ID: 11921

OBJECT Amber REI represented by Pegasus Group (Mr David Onions)


With regard to the settlement boundary for Eye, the existing poultry factory processing site on Magdalen Street has associated with it a car park granted planning permission (ref 1891/16) on 8 September 2016. The location of the new car park has not been recognised in the settlement boundary definition for Eye. Furthermore, it should be recognised that the existing employment site at Eye extends beyond the footprint of the existing buildings and hard standings. A map identifying the correct boundary for the employment site has been submitted relative to the Call for Sites process.

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Representation ID: 10233

COMMENT Historic England (Katie Parsons)


Historic core of Eye benefits from Conservation Area designation and contains a high concentration of other designated heritage assets including Grade I listed Eye Castle, Guildhall and Church of St Peter and St Paul, a scheduled monument (remains of a motte baily castle) and several Grade II* and Grade II listed buildings. Eye Town Hall is on the Heritage at Risk Register and Barn at Rook Hall. Proposed sites would have the potential to impact upon the setting of conservation area by drastically altering how the town sites within the surrounding landscape and how the town is approached as well upon the setting of individual listed buildings. This requires careful consideration.

Eye Priory is nationally significant archaeology, and further remains may be in the vicinity. Allocations should consider this.

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Representation ID: 158

COMMENT Ms Sue Prentice


Eye, once again, could regain and build-upon, its history of being the geographical- hub of central Norfolk/Suffolk. 'A 22-mile day-march between Ipswich, Norfolk, Bury-St.Eds and Lowestoft'. We should think about what has made Eye what it is, and how we can encompass modern technologies for the promotion of local businesses (and possibly be the forefront of National thinking) and be mindful of why our community lives here.

More details about Rep ID: 158

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