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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - Vision & Objectives

Representation ID: 12909

OBJECT Dr Jonathan Tuppen


The draft Local Plan does not set out a large scale vision for the District. It comprises a top-down exercise in meeting Government-led numerical housing targets and avoids engaging in the debate of what that means for people in the District.

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Representation ID: 12799

COMMENT East Bergholt Parish Council (Susan Clements)


We need the environment and employment to direct where we put housing.
Environment: protect & enhance assets
Economy: encourage development of employment sites and other business growth in the right place; encourage investment in business skills and innovation
Encourage inward investment through supporting infrastructure and links to Felixstowe & rest of U.K.
Support Ipswich northern route
Housing needs to be the right type of homes; right tenure; right place for need. We need a sustainable balance between housing & employment

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Representation ID: 12789

OBJECT East Bergholt Parish Council (Susan Clements)


We recommend that Babergh start with a SWOT exercise. With this as a starting point the Local Plan can then start answering the questions:
What sort of community would we like to become?
Are there areas that would benefit from local employment growth?
Are agriculture and tourism still important, and if so how can we support them?
How can we encourage creation of other employment opportunities without damaging agriculture/tourism?

We propose the District begins by consulting residents on what sort of community we would like to see across our District.
How can we encourage sustainable local business start-ups?
How can we encourage working from home or community hubs?
Are there areas that need big infrastructure investment?
Once SWOT analysis is done and above questions are answered, then we can begin to provide answers to the housing questions, for instance:
Location and type of housing and any rational alternatives.

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Representation ID: 12625

COMMENT Environment Agency (Miss Charlie Christensen)


We would like to see a vision that encourages new development to actively contribute towards achieving good ecological status or potential in water bodies in the District as required by the WFD.
...broadly agree with the environmental objectives, we would suggest amending the first bullet point to .....: 'To protect and enhance environmental assets (including landscapes, biodiversity, green spaces, air, land and water quality, and river corridors) for current and future generations'.
like to see an objective that promotes the delivery of sustainable development by considering the impacts of climate change through encouraging sustainable design and construction.

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Representation ID: 12560

COMMENT Fressingfield Housing Working Group (Mr Paul Woodward)


The Draft Local Plan does not mention the word "rural". It should convey the economic, social and environmental aspirations that together make up successful sustainable rural life and refer to key issues that the Draft JLP identifies, setting objectives to address

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Representation ID: 11617

COMMENT South Suffolk Constituency Labour Party (Ms Emma Bishton)


A Local Plan can, and should be, about much more than just housing. This plan
sets out housing development with bolt-ons for infrastructure, environment,
economic growth and wellbeing. A truly ambitious and community-focused plan
would integrate all these factors to produce a coherent, sustained and
deliverable vision for kind of community we would all like to be living in for the
next twenty years.

More details about Rep ID: 11617

Representation ID: 11213

OBJECT Bildeston Parish Council (Mr David Blackburn)


Section on Vision is confined to a brief statement of the policy context followed by the list of objectives. It seems to us that this approach is fundamentally flawed and that the absence of an initial vision is then all too apparent throughout the remainder of the document. Consequently, the draft comes across as an exercise driven predominately by an academic calculation of future housing numbers, rather than a real world vision of what should be delivered for the people and communities in Babergh and Mid Suffolk by the end of the plan period. In our view, a visions with community support should have been developed first, which should be a golden thread throughout any subsequent plans.

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Representation ID: 10932

COMMENT Babergh Alliance of Parish & Town Councils (Helen Davies)


We believe it would be more constructive to ground policy in a clear appreciation of what communities actually require. Necessary to research what is needed for the future. What are the opportunities and challenges faced by communities? What is needed to achieve a mixed, sustainable community? What can be done to provide a good quality of life to residents of villages that neighbour large conurbations and see their identity eroded? Where is policy provision for an impact assessment of development on infrastructure requirements? Councils need to consider the possibility that there are areas that need growth to enhance their quality of life. E.g. benefit from local employment enterprise? Do we need housing to support infrastructure improvements?

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Representation ID: 10929

COMMENT Babergh Alliance of Parish & Town Councils (Helen Davies)


The draft Local Plan does not set out a large scale vision for the District. It comprises a top-down exercise in meeting Government-led numerical housing targets and avoids engaging in the debate of what that means for people in the District. It does not consider a garden village development such as north Essex, to avoid filling villages with new estates. Other extreme is to diverse and diffuse expansion across the Districts. Our communities deserve a broad-based discussion of different scenarios, not simply a re-hash of the status quo.

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Representation ID: 10464

OBJECT Mr Joe Lavington


* Developers and Councils promote growth as the ultimate objective, but for who? Take a look at London and compare it with your present lifestyle. Businesses and Councils do well in Cities, but what is the quality of life of those that live there?

More details about Rep ID: 10464

Representation ID: 10463

OBJECT Wendy Lavington


Developers and Councils promote growth as the ultimate objective, but for who? Take a look at London and compare it with your present lifestyle. Businesses and Councils do well in Cities, but what is the quality of life of those that live there?

More details about Rep ID: 10463

Representation ID: 10230

SUPPORT Taylor Wimpey represented by Boyer Planning (Kate Kerrigan)


We agree with the Councils' Vision and Objectives, set out on page 19 of their consultation document, especially with regards to their recognition that housing is identified as a key priority area.

More details about Rep ID: 10230

Representation ID: 10050

COMMENT Historic England (Katie Parsons)


The consultation document provides a list of key issues within its context and profile
section. We are pleased to see that heritage assets are listed as a key environmental
issue. However, we request the term "historic environment" is used rather than
"heritage assets". The historic environment is considered the most appropriate term
to use as a topic heading as it encompasses all aspects of heritage, for example the
tangible heritage assets and less tangible cultural heritage as well as designated and non-designated herniate assets. This applies throughout. We also advise that
Heritage at Risk is mentioned at this point in the list of the heritage asset types to give an accurate profile of the historic environment in Babergh and Mid Suffolk.

More details about Rep ID: 10050

Representation ID: 9805

SUPPORT Merton College, Oxford represented by Savills (Mr James Yeoman)


Our client supports the proposed visions and objectives for the plan which the Councils report as being prepared within the context of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and the presumption in favour of sustainable development.

More details about Rep ID: 9805

Representation ID: 9784

OBJECT Mr Colin Johnston


Babergh's planning documents talk about the importance of:- addressing climate change, having access to services, using sustainable forms of transport. It is quite clear that if you want to achieve these things then people have to live in or close to jobs and service centres. It therefore makes sense for most of any new housing development to be located in and around the towns and largest villages.

More details about Rep ID: 9784

Representation ID: 9077

OBJECT Mr Daniel lord-vince


This is a significant over development of Sproughton which currently has around 581 dwellings - this would be an increase of 397% in parish size. It is completely disproportionate and would result in Bramford joining with Sproughton and Sproughton being absorbed by Ipswich. Not so much 'creeping coalescence' as 'complete digestion'. A much fairer basis for development would be a pro-rated approach with some tweaking for those settlements that are very small in size.

More details about Rep ID: 9077

Representation ID: 7839

COMMENT John Tuppen


This just seems to be geared to policy decisions that have already been made, citing values that support those decisions.
I would imagine that all the Villages will be concerned over the social effects on their communities, with an influx of commuters, the effects of both atmospheric and noise pollution and the adverse impacts on local wildlife.
Healthy Communities and Infrastructure needs to come first. We need a policy which limits the housing development in an area to that supported by its infrastructure (or clearly defined enhancements) and which does not materially change its character.

More details about Rep ID: 7839

Representation ID: 7812

OBJECT Dr Ian Russell


We disagree that the development of proposals for a Sudbury Western Relief Road project can support the objectives set out in the plan. We propose the development of a Sudbury Area Roads Plan including a bridge near Great Cornard to take away all HGVs and other traffic passing through the town to Ballingdon Bridge.

More details about Rep ID: 7812

Representation ID: 6663

COMMENT Mr Peter Powell


True vision should be about 100 years not 5. What will our great grandchildren have to say about what we have done?

More details about Rep ID: 6663

Representation ID: 5530

COMMENT Mr Colin Johnston


I do not see a vision being articulated here, rather a statement about 4 areas which need to be managed. A vision should be both inspiring and attainable and yet build on the lessons of the past. My vision is to 'engage and empower local communities to preserve and improve their environment and by so doing enrich their quality of life.' Please ban the word 'sustainable', the most abused word in planning circles, usually found next to a noun like 'development' to make the latter sound virtuous.

More details about Rep ID: 5530

Representation ID: 5219

COMMENT Mr David Middleton


The documents indicate that the villages of Claydon and Barham will double in size if all the suggested residential developments progress. The infrastructure of the villages is insufficient to support this. Roads are already congested and the schools are full. Building around the existing villages will adversely effect recreational activities such as walking and cycling. The buffer zone between Ipswich and Claydon needs to be retained to stop the villages being swallowed up by Ipswich.

More details about Rep ID: 5219

Representation ID: 5159

COMMENT Mr Stephen Fisher


At this point the Local Plan seems lacking a statement of vision . The council needs to think about what that vision might be. From a Beyton point of view the vision should be to secure the best quality of life possible for everybody residing within the village, and to encourage the village to prosper by maintaining and enhancing the local environment, providing high quality housing for all, supporting the local economy and village culture, and enabling the whole village community to be involved in supporting this success.

More details about Rep ID: 5159

Representation ID: 4521

OBJECT Dr David Taylor


The bulk of new housing should be council houses so as to be affordable for local people.
Sudbury Western Relief Road proposals should be withdrawn.
Encourage cycling and walking.

More details about Rep ID: 4521

Representation ID: 4341

OBJECT Mr Nick Miller for Sudbury Green Belt Group


1. No solution provided for Sudbury's traffic. 2. Plan will be destructive of beautiful & special environment & wildlife of Sudbury. 3 Local infrastructure already overstretched.

More details about Rep ID: 4341

Representation ID: 3949

COMMENT Mr Alan Squirrell


I wonder if BDC will actually bother to follow this public consultation plan, especially with regards to planning permissions, and not waste our public money on court cases defending the indefensible?
That would be a refreshing change in itself. The planning department should realise THEY, are paid PUBLIC money, to serve US.
I wonder how many of us have been suffered service cut backs, whilst lawyers, Large Landowners etc. are made richer, against the actual NEEDS of a local area.?

More details about Rep ID: 3949

Representation ID: 3926

COMMENT Mr Alan Squirrell


Whilst Babergh District Council Planning continue to openly refuse to take on board objections made to a development application by local residents, and Parish Councils, instead choose to 'know it all' and plough on regardless, rather than address real issues, the only conclusion can be that visions of a nineteen thirties Germany will still persist.
Even the high Court have commented upon BDC Planning not adhering to Publically Stated Policy. Hip Hip Horay for East Bergholt.

More details about Rep ID: 3926

Representation ID: 3636

COMMENT Mr Alan Lewis


I agree with the objectives set out, but they are rather vague and need to be more specific and measurable so that progress against them can be quantified.I would like to see a commitment to support and improve rural public transport, to minimise the effects of pollution (noise, light and air) caused y new development, and to provide support for local groups to enhance communities.
I feel the council should have crime prevention as an objective part of the strategy to address this pro actively to prevent an increase associated with higher population.

More details about Rep ID: 3636

Representation ID: 3634

COMMENT Mr Alan Lewis


The plan needs to have a vision statement and this is currently lacking. The objectives could be used to inform the vision statement.

More details about Rep ID: 3634

Representation ID: 3117

COMMENT Mr Clive Harris


The needed transport infrastructure is missing from the Local Plan

More details about Rep ID: 3117

Representation ID: 2894

COMMENT Mr Robin Weaver


It is essential that new housing is not only in the right place, but has the right infrastructure and facilities in place when development is occupied - infrastructure (doctors, public transport, schools, etc) in many core villages is already stretched or inadequate.

More details about Rep ID: 2894

Representation ID: 2887

COMMENT Wortham & Burgate Parish Council (mrs Netty Verkroost)


We agree with the vision.We would urge the usage of Brown Field Sites and Redundant Buildings in order to save productive land and green spaces. Housing required is low cost , small and affordable houses.

More details about Rep ID: 2887

Representation ID: 2369

COMMENT Polstead Parish Council (Mr Dave Crimmin)


Polstead Parish Council is content with the Vision and Objectives set out in the Consultation Document.

More details about Rep ID: 2369

Representation ID: 2119

OBJECT Drinkstone Parish Council (Mrs Daphne Youngs)


The vision is notable for its lack of ambition. Apart from the drive to build more houses there is little to address an adequate mix of housing types, for generating quality employment opportunities, or to address the key environmental issues the district faces. Little in the way of a strategic vision for improving the district's infrastructure is proposed. There should be a clear commitment to improve energy efficiency and promote renewable energy.

More details about Rep ID: 2119

Representation ID: 2084

COMMENT Equality and Human Rights Commission (Mr Tim White)


The Commission does not have the resources to respond to all consultations, but will respond to consultations where it considers they raise issues of strategic importance.
Local, parish and town councils and other public authorities, as well as organisations exercising public functions, have obligations under the Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED) in the Equality Act 2010 to consider the effect of their policies and decisions on people sharing particular protected characteristics. The PSED is an on-going legal requirement and must be complied with as part of the planning process. The Commission is the regulator for the PSED and the Planning Inspectorate is also subject to it. In essence, you must consider the potential for planning proposals to have an impact on equality for different groups of people. To assist, you will find our technical guidance here :

More details about Rep ID: 2084

Representation ID: 1678

SUPPORT Mrs Kathie Guthrie


We need to attract employers to ensure employment for all the housing estates which are being built. Also ensure the correct housing in is in the right place but I don't see large housing estates necessarily fulfil that objective

More details about Rep ID: 1678

Representation ID: 1641

SUPPORT Winston Parish Council (Mrs Lizzie Taurozevicius)


We agree.

More details about Rep ID: 1641

Representation ID: 1639

SUPPORT Winston Parish Council (Mrs Lizzie Taurozevicius)


We agree with this.

More details about Rep ID: 1639

Representation ID: 1203

OBJECT Mrs Diana Chapman


The vision should highlight, more prominently, a more sustainable future for the area through a strategy that minimises the need to travel by car and promotes movement by walking, cycling and public transport. Connectivity and accessibility for all should be a key feature.

More details about Rep ID: 1203

Representation ID: 983

SUPPORT Great Ashfield PC (arthur peake)


Environment should include wildlife corridor protection.
Within the economy, for rural areas particularly, emphasis on encouraging employment and retail would help to offset the dormitory nature of some hinterland villages.

More details about Rep ID: 983

Representation ID: 783

OBJECT Supporters Against Fressingfield Expansion (SAFE) (Dr John Castro)


Under the localism act of 2011 if communities are to be allocated power to shape their village or town, they must be allowed to not only bring forward allocations of land for development, but be able to limit development if not appropriate or needed. Here the District Council are misleading communities by limiting the true role of Neighbourhood Plans. This is not true democracy. Communities must retain the right to limit development.

Fressingfield is a unique village with 58 listed buildings and a majorly important Conservation Area. The village is framed by rolling arable land and trees. The Draft Plan does not appear to support the protection of unique environments such as ours.

More details about Rep ID: 783

Representation ID: 771

COMMENT Mr Kevin Armstrong


The environmental importance of the AONBs is acknowledged but not emphasised. Perhaps you are relying on other authorities to look after the issues involved. I believe that environmental considerations should be high priorities in Babergh.

More details about Rep ID: 771

Representation ID: 735

OBJECT Mr. Nick Miller for Sudbury Green Belt Group


VISION: Set against the NPPF requirements, this draft seems to perpetuate the historic situation of the economic and building issues being always set above the environmental and social issues, with the latter issues then dealt with in an ad hoc unstrategic way. We object to Quality of decision-making & aspects of new developments which harm settlements unnecessarily. HEALTHY COMMUNITIES & INFRASTRUCTURE: Some items under this heading are welcome in outline, if broad to the point of wooliness; but many details are evidently half-hidden and pre-programmed. WE URGE: The formulation of a green strategy for Sudbury area, see detail.

More details about Rep ID: 735

Representation ID: 708

OBJECT Martyn Levett


1. You will convert villages into dormitory communities with 43% of the working population working outside the area.
2. Persons working out of the area do not make a financial contribution to the community but in the outside areas.
3. Your prioritisation so far in the infrastructure has done nothing to improve public transport (reduced), major traffic congestion (increased) is now critical, Park and Ride withdrawn, reduced local services, and higher community charges have not improved the services you should provide.

More details about Rep ID: 708

Representation ID: 612

OBJECT mr david martin


Babergh Peninsular strategic AONB Map - Dark green area (on uploaded AONB Map) should be considered for inclusion as AONB, this area already has numerous Public Footpaths, fantastic vistas, woodlands, wildlife, plants and insects

More details about Rep ID: 612

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