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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - Great Blakenham

Representation ID: 12079

COMMENT Great Blakenham Parish Council (Ms Janet Gobey) represented by Great Blakenham Parish Council (Ms Janet Gobey)


Great Blakenham Parish Council have looked at the areas in the village designated as being suitable for housing development. They have no concerns with the areas in the village that have been put forward for possible development and accept that more housing needs to be built. However, Councillors need to raise, yet again, their serious concerns about the lack of infrastructure being provided to support current developments in the village and wider area, let alone any further increase in population. Infrastructure and services in the village are already unable to cope.

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Representation ID: 10251

COMMENT Historic England (Katie Parsons)


Concern regarding the cumulative impacts of development in the area, combined with Claydon. Development of the extent being considered is likely to be visible across a large area and could impact upon the setting of designated and non-designated heritage assets. Potential site allocations to the north of Great Blakenham are surrounded by several highly designated assets, the development of these sites would have an impact upon the surrounding historic landscape.

Heights of buildings, master planning and density will all be crucial factors. Presence of heritage assets and their settings should be considered carefully. Archaeological assessment, Heritage Impact Assessment and Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment advised.

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Representation ID: 6822

OBJECT Barham Parish Council (Mrs Joanne Culley)


in the surrounding area Barham PC supports small scale developments of 10 to 20 houses that are sustainable and over time can become an integral part of the existing village. All developments must have additional infrastructure such as roads, water and sewerage, public services etc provided at the same time to ensure any impact is minimised.
As a Parish Council we are opposed to developments that are larger than 20 - 30 houses as they will destroy the current rural feel to the village.
All developments should respect and enhance the existing environment taking account of wildlife havens footpaths etc.

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