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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - Wyverstone

Representation ID: 6422

SUPPORT Mr Simon Williams


SS0088 and SS0938 appear to be the same site. It should be noted that it lies within the Parish of Wyverstone (not Bacton as often assumed).
The opinion of the planning authority that the other sites put forward in Wyverstone are not suitable, is correct

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Representation ID: 3199

COMMENT Mr Adrian James


Wyverstone is a small countryside village.
Several sections of road have no pavement.
There is no train station. A very limited bus service is not useful for general commuting and does not provide access to a local train station. The buses run empty or near-empty indicating they do not prove to be useful for most people.
There are no retail facilities at all.
The surrounding countryside is arable farmland. This is part of a strategic national asset that is vital for future food security.
I am opposed to any additional housebuilding in Wyverstone.

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Representation ID: 2474

OBJECT Mrs Carol Ingleson


Wyverstone is a small village, it has no shop, no public house, and is a small community with a extremely limited bus service. I do not think there should be any development in Wyverstone as there is no infrastructure to support this and would have a big adverse effect on the enviroment.
I DO NOT WANT ANY BUILDING In WYVERSTONE. However having said that if the proposed housing development at the middle school goes ahead and this counts as "our quota" then surely that would be enough.

More details about Rep ID: 2474

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