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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - SS0591 - 6 Acre Field between Grove Hill and Holly Lane, Belstead

Representation ID: 10096

COMMENT Historic England (Katie Parsons)


There are no known heritage assets within the site boundary which would be affected by the development of this site. 4 & 5 Holly Lane which is a Grade II listed property, is located to the immediate west of the site. Several other Grade II listed buildings are within the settlement. Any development has the potential to impact upon these. Important that any development of this site will need to preserve these assets and their settings. These requirements should be included in the policy and supporting text of the Plan. New development at this site would need to reflect the character and grain of the existing settlement. Some concern over coalescence with Ipswich to the north. Allocation would encourage development to leapfrog over the A14, harming the setting of Belstead.

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Representation ID: 9509

OBJECT Miss Sandra Howard


I am distressed to discover your plans for erecting new houses on this site.

Villages are part of the defining character of Suffolk, and should be cherished and protected. Belstead is a small, quiet village with a good community spirit, and that is the reason the residents chose to live there. The land available to deer (often seen in this area) and other wildlife is slowly being eradicated by new housing, another blow to the Suffolk countryside. I appreciate the need for housing, but the destruction of villages is not the answer.

New houses would tower over existing properties. Council has been underhand in its communication.

I very much hope that you encourage village life to thrive, not only Belstead but in general, and do not allow Suffolk to deteriorate into a county filled with large towns and all the difficulties that go with them

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Representation ID: 7340

OBJECT Miss Sandra Howard


Belstead is a small village with varied housing, some of which is listed and much of which is historical. The proposed development will adversely affect its character, increase traffic on narrow roads that already suffer when there are problems on the A12 and A14, and remove wildlife living-space.
The proposed plans will have a huge impact on Holly Lane given that the site is substantially higher than the lane.

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Representation ID: 6183

SUPPORT chattisham and hintlesham parish council (mrs samantha barber)


- The proposed development site within Belstead would be welcomed if appropriate infrastructure was in place such as a mains sewerage system, a widened road which includes footpaths into the village and a reduced speed limit to 30mph or traffic calming measures.
The housing mix needs to be variable with a mix of affordable housing, and bungalows for downsizing residents. The number of dwellings needs to be restricted to 15.
It is imperative that there is provision for doctors, dentists and schooling for any additional residents.

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Representation ID: 5257

OBJECT Dr & Mrs P Leighton-Scott


Belstead us a Hinterland Village with limited amenities and services and, as such, it is quite unsuited for further housing development.

The proposal to build fifteen houses adjacent to Grove Hill will place an impossible traffic burden upon the village.

Belstead is a small village of great historical merit: the proposed housing will destroy its character.

This is an unnecessary project for Belstead which may destroy the character of our village: there are other larger local housing plans in existence.

The proposed housing site supports a great biodiversity of many species, many of which are endangered.

More details about Rep ID: 5257

Representation ID: 3757

OBJECT Mr Richard English


I object due to the fact that utilities are poorly served any run off from septic tanks will have to flow onto residents in Holly Lane.
Light will significantly reduced in Holly Lane as those houses sit about 2 meters below the field's current height.
There is no supporting infrastructure.
The village is already extremely dangerous due to the single car width of much of the roads and a reluctance by the appropriate agencies to tackle this on a permanent and effective basis.
Failure to adhere to Paragraph 156 of the National Planning Policy Framework

More details about Rep ID: 3757

Representation ID: 3241

OBJECT Miss Claire Guernari


As a resident of Belstead I feel that the development would be unacceptable.
My main reasons being;
*the impact upon an already unacceptable and increasing volume of traffic, that uses Belstead as a "rat run" increased traffic along Grove Lane will only worsen an already dangerous pinch point!
*infrastructure-Belstead's already has limited facilities and infrastructure these will be stretched further, there is no mains drains, slow broadband, no school, drs, street lights, footpaths on grove hill, these factors and others would not support a new development!

More details about Rep ID: 3241

Representation ID: 3240

OBJECT Mr Ray Templeton


The volume of traffic currently passing through Belstead is at a critical point. Grove Lane is pinch point and the Copdock interchange means Belstead is a rat run at all times of day. Infrastructure is maxed out with no mains drains, slow broadband and no sustainable infrastructure in place. The village has no footpaths and no street lighting.

More details about Rep ID: 3240

Representation ID: 2001

COMMENT Notcutts Limited represented by Mr Robert Pomery


The site is promoted by the landowners Notcutts Limited, as part of the Issues and Options consultation on the Babergh and Mid Suffolk Joint Local Plan. As landowners, Notcutts Limited would like the Council to consider the site for a housing allocation.

More details about Rep ID: 2001

Representation ID: 2000

COMMENT Notcutts Limited represented by Mr Robert Pomery


The site is promoted by the landowners Notcutts Limited, as part of the Issues and Options consultation on the Babergh and Mid Suffolk Joint Local Plan. As landowners, Notcutts Limited would like the Council to consider the site for a housing allocations.

More details about Rep ID: 2000

Representation ID: 965

OBJECT Mr James Easter


Belstead is poorly served by transport, hardly enough room for 2 small cars to pass.
Road is heavily used, with a build up of traffic from Pinewood and Ellenbrook Road. Local people cannot exist their properties onto the road. No road lighting, speed limit or pavements.

No sewage or gas supply to any properties. Broadband speed is barely acceptable. Water supply is spasmodic.

There have been recent additions to the local housing, 9 properties in a small area adjacent to the proposed "Nature Park". Extra traffic will be involved which will only add to the daily congestion on this road

More details about Rep ID: 965

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