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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - SS0395 - Land south of Station Road and west of Bergholt Road, Bentley

Representation ID: 11472

OBJECT Stour & Orwell Society (Ms Emma Proctor King)


This represents a very significant extension to the village on an absolutely notorious blind bend, where the obstacle to vision (and compliant visibility splays) is an attractive listed cottage surrounded by high hedges. It would cause the village to protrude into attractive open farmland towards Dodnash Woods and is not supported.

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Representation ID: 8960

OBJECT Mr colin Hawes


Bentley Parish Council has already made representation with which I support.
The number of houses proposed for this site, plus those proposed for the other site will add 30% housing to the present housing stock of 330. The present infrastructure would not be able to cope with (a) the number of additional people and (b) the number of additional vehicles. Bentley CEVC Primary School is at full capacity, the Constable Country Medical Practice already cannot cope with its present patient list and the road though Bentley has become a 'rat run' short-cut, to and fro between the A12 and A137.

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Representation ID: 8406

OBJECT Mr Alan Horne


This plan represents a severe over-development, loss of amenity and significantly increases the likelihood of accidents, death or injury on Capel Road/Station Road.

More details about Rep ID: 8406

Representation ID: 2642

OBJECT Mr David Jenkins


The junction between Bergholt Road and the main road is dangerous, with occasional accidents. This, combines with the heavy traffic now seen along Capel Rd/Station Rd would make any extra development in this area very risky.

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Representation ID: 1533

OBJECT mr bruce pickess


Proposed 60 houses, Impact and burden upon already stretched resources, doctors, dentists, hospitals, drainage etc. These proposals are not widely known to Bentley parishioners who, might not be able to attend meetings or have access to the internet. Bentley has previously been identified as being unsustainable, and nothing has significantly changed, or will change to make it sustainable in the future..The proposed new developments will significantly change the character of the village. There are already concerns about Traffic along Bergholt Road, and the T Junction with Capel Road (Station Road).There is also a distinct lack of footpaths in this area.

More details about Rep ID: 1533

Representation ID: 651

OBJECT Mr Gavin Osbon


More details about Rep ID: 651

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