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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - SS0820 - Land west of Church Lane,

Representation ID: 11986

SUPPORT D. E. Baker & Son represented by CODE Development Planners (Miss Helen Adcock)


I write to confirm that site SS0820 is deliverable within the NPPFs definition and is a sustainable site which can achieve the delivery of other community benefits in addition to new homes.
Subject to the number of new homes considered through the Joint Local Plan process to be appropriate for Bentley, the site could be expanded to the west towards the existing playing field whilst still reflecting the settlement pattern of the village.

More details about Rep ID: 11986

Representation ID: 9118

OBJECT Nina Whale


Much work and infrastructure improvements would be required to make this or the other Bentley site proposal suitable for the number of houses proposed. It would see issues with
issues with traffic, support resources, the school, local businesses including farming, as well as plants, wildlife and residents parking.

More details about Rep ID: 9118

Representation ID: 8999

OBJECT Mr colin Hawes


My objection and representation to the proposal for this site is the same as that I submitted for the housing proposal at the other site.

More details about Rep ID: 8999

Representation ID: 2754

OBJECT Mrs Paula Lloyd


We already have 20 houses planned to be built in our village and this is enough to change the village. We have 330 houses in Bentley and another 20 should completely cover our need. We had a survey done in our village and it was proved that we need roughly 6-8 houses therefore 20 is plenty. You would need to add street lights,paths,doctors and a school as ours is full not forgetting sufficient drainage and much more which we do not have at the moment.also not forgetting woodland and you would be affecting our village environment.

More details about Rep ID: 2754

Representation ID: 2640

OBJECT Mr David Jenkins


The site has had a previous planning application rejected as access would be very difficult. Now the plan proposes to triple the number of dwellings. Also there is a risk of damage to many large mature trees.

More details about Rep ID: 2640

Representation ID: 1560

OBJECT mr bruce pickess


Proposed 30 to 40 houses. Impact and burden upon already stretched resources Policing, Fire service, Gas, Electricity supplies etc. These proposals are not widely known to Bentley parishioners who, might not be able to attend meetings, or have Internet access. Bentley has been identified as being unsustainable and nothing has significantly changed to make it sustainable. This proposed new development will significantly change the village's character. The scale of this and proposed development (SS0395) is totally disproportionate to the size of the village. Site access via Church Road, extra traffic on traffic calmed road, severe lack of safe footpaths

More details about Rep ID: 1560

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