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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - SS0278 - Land south of Wattisham Road

Representation ID: 12057

COMMENT Heathpatch Limited represented by Wincer Kievenaar Architects Limited, (Mr Craig Western)


SHELAA identifies potential yield of 75 dwellings. Long term planning considerations should be given to the site and adjoining sites to allow a holistic masterplan for future growth.

Quantum of housing should reflect the services available in the village and its categorisation as a Core Village. Anticipated that sites would provide land for development in phases. Long term result would be a better laid out village than one resulting from sporadic opportunistic development. Heathpatch is a long term land owner and is able to plan its land use and development over the next few generations. It has no desire to over develop Bildeston in the short term. It would like to contribute to its development over the next century and beyond. Inclusion of the land with SS0277 would enable cycle, pedestrian and wheelchair access directly into the centre of the village.

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Representation ID: 11233

OBJECT Bildeston Parish Council (Mr David Blackburn)


The site in the draft allocation off Wattisham Road (marked SS0278) is not suitable for development, especially on highway grounds. Closer to the High Street, Wattisham road is so narrow as to render it effectively a single track road, with passing only possible by encroachment onto private driveways. Visibility at the junction with the High Street is also very poor and the High Street itself is narrow. Improvement is not possible due to the close proximity of historic buildings. The fact that the site is some way from the village centre means there would be even more car traffic from the site.

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Representation ID: 10097

COMMENT Historic England (Katie Parsons)


No known heritage assets within the site boundary. Grade II listed Great Copt Hall lies across the existing open land to the south of the site. The undeveloped surroundings of this listed building contribute positively to its significance. Development of this site will need to preserve this heritage and its setting. These requirements should be included in the policy and supporting text of the Plan. Site also lies immediately adjacent to Wattsham Road which lies along a Roman Road route and as such increases archaeological potential. The presence of these heritage assets should be considered carefully as part of the site allocation process.

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Representation ID: 6099

OBJECT KBB (Keep Bildeston Beautiful) (John Beales)


A main disadvantage of the proposed Wattisham Road site for Bildeston (your ref SS0278), is the resulting traffic congestion at the junction with High Street and lack of alternative vehicular access from that site into and from the village, to and from the school, to and from the doctors surgery and through the village to and from outside areas such as Hadleigh or Sudbury. The road at that junction is unusually narrow, causing hazardous entry, passing and exiting. At that point and for some way beyond it also has pavement on one side only.

More details about Rep ID: 6099

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