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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - SS0211 - Land west of Brantham Hill

Representation ID: 11473

OBJECT Stour & Orwell Society (Ms Emma Proctor King)


Developing this site would be very damaging to the setting of the village. The sweep of farmland down to the road is a particularly valued piece of landscape, in daily view to thousands using the A137.

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Representation ID: 10585

OBJECT Hopkins Homes Ltd represented by Armstrong Rigg Planning (Mr Geoff Armstrong)


It is noted that there is one alternative site being promoted at Brantham, land west of Brantham Hill (SHELAA Site SS0211). This site is similar in both its characteristics and constraints to our Client's land with the significant addition of its location on sloping and elevated land immediately adjacent to the Dedham Vale and Stour Valley AONB. On this basis alone it is considered that our Client's land represents an undeniably more sustainable alternative to SS0211 as this alternative site would inevitably have significant impact on a landscape designation of national importance.

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Representation ID: 10101

COMMENT Historic England (Katie Parsons)


To the west and east of site SS0211 lies the Grade II listed Braham Hall and The
Thatched Cottage.

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Representation ID: 6890

OBJECT Mr Andrew Mills


The main consultation document suggests a 10% increase in population in Babergh between 2014-2036. The already agreed development at the southern end of the village of 300+ houses represents perhaps a 20% increase in housing alone, within that timescale. Site SS0211 site along with the others in Brantham seem to be a vast over development of such a small village.
They would impact traffic flow through the village with access directly onto the A137, added to the natural restrictions of a railway bridge at one end of the village and a level crossing at the other.

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Representation ID: 3801

OBJECT Suffolk Coast & Heaths AONB (Ms. Paula Booth)


The site is adjacent to the boundary of the Dedham Vale AONB and is considered to be within the setting of both the Dedham Vale AONB and Suffolk Coast & Heaths AONB. The site is not considered suitable for major development given it's proximity to these Protected landscapes and it's close proximity to the designated sites associated with the Stour & Orwell Estuaries.

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Representation ID: 890

OBJECT mr trevor nobbs


Brantham Hill/A137 is dangerous
Traffic volumes on A137 will rise further with new developments on the peninsular/surrounding villages
Pollution is a major concern when HGVs have to slow or stop on the Hill, which will increase due to traffic lights/pedestrian crossings required for new developments.
Agreement has been given for c350 houses to be built, c25% growth in village, The impact on the village, highways, services, infrastructure and the railway crossing at Manningtree will not be known until the development is complete.
A long term solution to the problems at the crossing at Manningtree is required.
Post office is closing.

More details about Rep ID: 890

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