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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - SS0204 - Land south of B1456,

Representation ID: 13082

OBJECT Chelmondiston PC (Mrs Rosie Kirkup)


Chelmondiston should be classified as a "Hinterland" village. In that case it should not be expected to carry more development than is sufficient to meet its own needs.
Site SS0204 blocks important views and is unnecessary to the local need.

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Representation ID: 10112

COMMENT Historic England (Katie Parsons)


There are several Grade II listed buildings in close proximity to the sites being
considered for allocation in Chelmondiston. Development of these sites would have
an impact upon the setting of the town within the wider landscape which should be
considered. The presence of these heritage assets should be considered carefully as
part of the site allocation process.

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Representation ID: 4890

OBJECT mr Barry Jackson


The Additional Electricity sub station is needed, currently frequent supply drop-outs are experienced when wind or rain is bad.
Overhead cables across proposed development will be compromised.
Access to any new development Must be from Richardsons Lane with no through road into Woodlands, since this will provide a Rat-run through Woodlands.

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Representation ID: 3320

OBJECT Ronald Watts


No further housing on the Shotley Peninsular beyond that already under construction or approved should be even countenanced until Wherstead Road/Stoke Bridge interchange congestion is solved.
Housing at this location will be 'out on a limb' bearing no relationship to the compact layout of the existing village.
It would take out of production what would appear to be good quality farmland as well as leaving a field of irregular shape less suited to modern farming methods.

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Representation ID: 2023

OBJECT Mr Anthony Eley


This proposal for 40 homes will impact on the already crowded B1456, will add to the mass of cars, especially when the development of H.M.S. Ganges at Shotley goes ahead as well.
School times already congest Woodlands at drop off and pick up times.

More details about Rep ID: 2023

Representation ID: 602

OBJECT Mr Philip Evans and 1 other


* There would normally be a presumption against development of agricultural land
* 15 dwellings should be maximum, restricted to the corner of Lings Lane and Main Road B1456.
* Access: should be set back from Lings Lane or Main Road due to heavy traffic on both.

Village has no need for executive housing - crying need is for a total of 10 Affordable/Social Housing, as identified in Village Design Statement. Sites Ref S50204 and S50872 combined are a major contribution to an uninterrupted swathe of beautiful rural landscape stretching from Orwell to Stour. This should be preserved undeveloped.

More details about Rep ID: 602

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