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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - SS0931 - Land to the south east of Old Hall Lane, Cross Green

Representation ID: 7109

OBJECT Mr Brian Mitchell


The hamlet of Cross Green has 35 dwellings sitting close to or within its historic conservation area with planning permission already submitted for another 11 dwellings. This current development has been criticised by the BDC Heritage Team for having an adverse impact because of the disproportionate scale of the development. Currently this hamlet displays a balanced mix of historicly relevant houses together with newer infill. This balance is already being threatened by the current development and the prospect of even more with all the associated impact will further erode this precious asset that benefits the village, and wider community.

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Representation ID: 6796

SUPPORT Mr David Smith


The only access to this land is via Old Hall Lane which is only 2.8 metres wide with no passing places. There should also be 30 metres forward view, this is not possible because of the blind bend which is about 150 metres from the A1141 junction. A previous planning application was rejected because of the problems with access.
There is a pinch-point at the A1141 end because of the houses on either side of the lane. That turn in off the A1141 is also blind and requires care.
We are also concerned about the loss of privacy .

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Representation ID: 3506

OBJECT Mrs Brenda Dyer


Access to this site currently causes problems with large delivery lorries servicing industrial units at Peppers Hall and farm traffic running over private gardens. Old Hall Lane is a very narrow single track road with a ford, no passing bays or footpaths and frequented by many walkers daily. Further traffic from commercial development of the site would exacerbate the problem and I strongly object to its inclusion.

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Representation ID: 3455

OBJECT Mr Wilson Dyer


Old Hall Lane is a very narrow lane with no passing bays or footpaths. It is frequented daily by many dog-walkers and ramblers. It has become increasingly dangerous in recent years. Large delivery lorries servicing industrial units at Peppers Hall and huge farm traffic frequently run over gardens in the lane. Further traffic from commercial development of the site is unacceptable and would exacerbate the problem. The site is a wild flower meadow where flora and fauna have become an asset. I strongly object to the SS0931 site being included for potential employment development.

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Representation ID: 2280

OBJECT Mr Geoff Benton


We have serious concerns about vehicular access to this plot should Old Hall Lane be the access route. The lane is 2.9m wide and is used by two way traffic. There are no formal passing places and no footpaths. Vehicles either reverse or more commonly drive across private gardens to pass. There is a blind bend outside number 1 where the water splash crosses the lane. The lane serves 14 dwellings, farm traffic and Peppers Hall industrial units which frequently have large delivery lorries. There is already an argument to suggest that the current arrangement is dangerous.

More details about Rep ID: 2280

Representation ID: 2149

OBJECT Mr Martin Mobberley


Old Hall Lane is very narrow and has become increasingly busy due to the businesses at Peppers Hall. Many local dog owners use the lane, but increasingly have to dodge out of the way of vans and lorries. When a heating oil or septic tanker services a property they have to park in the lane, so total gridlock occurs. Six chalets' septic tanks drain into the proposed area. They have all suffered drainage problems. Ours cost £2K to fix this year by digging a huge soakaway under the field! More houses would surely worsen the traffic and drainage issues.

More details about Rep ID: 2149

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