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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - SS0944 - Land north of Elm lane, Copdock

Representation ID: 12823

SUPPORT Copdock and Washbrook Parish Council (Angela Chapman)


Included in the Community Led Development Plan. Seen as the geographic centre of today's village. Might be suitable site for replacement school. School Play area to be adjacent to Elm Lane to help maintain partial rural aspect. Access to the site will need careful planning. The preferred option for access is from London Road
avoiding adding traffic on Elm Lane and Back Lane. However, the London Road/Elm Lane junction already has road safety concerns. Using London Road places, a second road junction close to Elm Lane.
Site bordered on one side by Back Lane, a narrow lane joining Fen View and Wenham Road with the main village. No footpath exists. Cars and pedestrians share the lane. Provision of a footpath would help young families. The Parish tried to create a footpath along the north of this site to connect Back Lane, Fen View to School Hill. Agreement was reached with the then land owners through to the Allotments. The cost of providing a ramp down from the allotment area to School Lane was prohibitive.

More details about Rep ID: 12823

Representation ID: 12467

OBJECT Mrs Zena Gravener


With Government urging people to eat more fruit & vegetables, and allotments being provided to help this, it is unbelievable that councils could propose to develop housing sites and/or business use on traditional allotments being used. This site is not accessible for local traffic easily, and there have been accidents here. So totally unsuitable.

More details about Rep ID: 12467

Representation ID: 12294

OBJECT Mr Mag Osborne


There is no indication where vehicle access is to be.
More industrial units = more traffic
The road network will not cope particularly near this accident blackspot.
Again no infrastructure increase is identified and Elm Lane is a 'C' class road.

More details about Rep ID: 12294

Representation ID: 12218

OBJECT M Flaherty


A12 unsuitable for transport connected with Business and Industrial use.

More details about Rep ID: 12218

Representation ID: 12178

OBJECT Marilyn Baldry


Access to this area is on to the old A12 and is on the brow of a hill. Traffic at the moment does not adhere to the 50 mile speed limit. There are continual accidents at the Elm Lane junction including fatality. The old A12 is already a rat run and at times of accidents at the Copdock Interchange or Orwell Bridge. The village is gridlock and we have no access for emergency for emergency services. The area also includes the allotment site - a village amenity. This must be kept. We are a village.

More details about Rep ID: 12178

Representation ID: 12173

OBJECT Graham Baldry


Both Elm Lane and Back Lane not suitable for the increase in numbers and size of traffic this development would generate. Both noise and air pollution would increase!
Safety of pedestrians would be compromised greatly. Also "old" A12 already used as a "rat run" would have traffic volume increase to unsafe levels. Allotments loss would take away a local amenity.

More details about Rep ID: 12173

Representation ID: 12169

OBJECT Graham Parker


Losing the allotments would be another village amenity gone. Not only being a source of fresh fruit and veg it is a recreational site i.e. exercise, fresh air, peace and quiet.

More details about Rep ID: 12169

Representation ID: 11551

OBJECT Beverley Steensma


Our village doesn't have the infrastructure or roads to deal with this. The small lanes which lead off of these fields could not cope with extra traffic - they don't even have any footpaths. This beautiful village would be almost doubled in size and ruined by such a huge development. Further more the allotments - an integral part of our community need to stay. We cannot support this plan as it would destroy the village that we live in. It doesn't even look as if the plan has been thought through properly.

More details about Rep ID: 11551

Representation ID: 10120

COMMENT Historic England (Katie Parsons)


Sites SS0295, SS0944* and SS0871 combine
to form one large continuous site. There are several Grade II listed buildings in close
proximity to the northern and southern site boundaries. Any development of the site
has the potential to impact upon these heritage assets. The presence of these
heritage assets should be considered carefully as part of the site allocation process.

Any development of these sites has the potential to impact upon these heritage
assets. The presence of these heritage assets should be considered carefully as part
of the site allocation process.

More details about Rep ID: 10120

Representation ID: 9368

OBJECT Mr J Bradford


If this site or any part of it is considered for industrial buildings there should be no access for any motor vehicles via Elm Lane or Back Lane. These lanes are completely unsuitable and unnecessary to access this site. This site should not even be considered for industrial use.

More details about Rep ID: 9368

Representation ID: 8529

OBJECT Mr Graham Moxon


Elm Lane totally unsuitable for traffic from this site. Few passing places, lorries unable to turn in or out of site. Exit onto the Old London Road at particularly dangerous point.

Direct exit onto the Old London Road below brow of hill with inadequate visibility. Serious accidents inevitable with commercial vehicles crossing the carriage way in front of oncoming traffic.

Exiting towards the Capel St. Mary A12 junction would be essential for commercial vehicles but the A12 infrastructure is already woefully over subscribed with dreadful rush hour traffic delays at the A12 / A14 Copdock interchange.

More details about Rep ID: 8529

Representation ID: 8075

OBJECT Mrs Linda Emery


SS0944 Increased traffic turning off/onto the A12 Jr would increase danger for motorists and cyclists, an activity the council seeks to encourage, not least with the increase of and proposed plans for cycle lane provision.

No apparent provision seems to have been made for the increased use of local infrastructure, roads/sewers. Swan Hill, A12 Jr and A12 all have existing congestion issues. Highways Department and Water Authority reports should be sought with findings being noted and made publicly available.

Existing community space would be taken away (allotments) and would need replacing in an area equally convenient to users.

More details about Rep ID: 8075

Representation ID: 7921

OBJECT Mr Simon Gibbs


There are far better sites or industrial than this, the sugar beat site at sproughton being one of them

The transport links are awful, there is 7.5ton exclusion in Sproughton and swan hill so all traffic from the west will have to go round the Copdock Interchange. There is already severe build up of traffic this will only add to that

Elm Lane is exactly that a lane it is a single track width with no passing places
This would not fit within a village setting and that is what Copdcok/Washbrook is it is not a part of Ipswich

More details about Rep ID: 7921

Representation ID: 7270

OBJECT Mr Danny Carman


Elm Lane is exactly that, a Lane and is unable to sustain additional heavy traffic. There is no requirement for a business/industrial site and in this location would greatly impact on the surrounding houses with noise and traffic pollution.

More details about Rep ID: 7270

Representation ID: 6980

OBJECT Mr Watling Michael


Too large an area for business use in a small village, would be over powering to the area

More details about Rep ID: 6980

Representation ID: 5581

OBJECT mr simon downey


Elm Lane is a narrow lane and already over congested in the morning and evening rush hours as it is used as one of the many rat runs for commuters given the over congestion of the A12/A14 junction. I have been told of fatalities around this section of the main Old London Road also cars frequently drive well in excess of the existing speed limit. Additional housing here without addressing the road infrastructure would exacerbate these issues. The residential amenity would also be affected by a large development, impacting both existing wildlife and the setting of listed buildings

More details about Rep ID: 5581

Representation ID: 4405

SUPPORT Mr Terry Corner


Geographic center of village.. Could be site of replacement school. Access to London Road will need careful planning.

More details about Rep ID: 4405

Representation ID: 4375

OBJECT Mr David Benn


Land proposed for business use, completely out of character for the village, possibly resulting in yet further retail park, of which there is sufficient at Copdock Mill Interchange. The loss of another field/hedgerows would be very damaging to wildlife. Surrounding village lanes unable to support heavy transport. London Road (A12) already heavily congested especially at peak times and worse if directed off the main A12 due to accidents/traffic jams at Copdock Interchange. The London Road (A12) is in urgent need of repairs/maintenance, not suitable for vehicles using it now..

More details about Rep ID: 4375

Representation ID: 4314

OBJECT Mrs Jill Korwin


Need for industrial units not evidenced; Ipswich Economic Assessment identifies need for industrial but not in this location. Elm lane single track road that cannot take additional traffic; Council recently turned down application for just one dwelling on this lane and is now proposing significant housing and industrial use.
Cumulative impact of all sites proposed in Copdock and Washbrook would fundamentally change the nature of the village. Increase in traffic particularly on Swan Hill significant issue as queued back to village in rush hour and will not improve until Copdock Interchange upgraded,

More details about Rep ID: 4314

Representation ID: 3853

OBJECT Mrs Michaela Chan


No infrasructure in place. Loss of wildlife habitats. Noise and air pollution.

More details about Rep ID: 3853

Representation ID: 3478

OBJECT Mrs Pamela Taylor


I refer to your reference 0944, Land north of Elm Lane. I OBJECT as it has been designated for B class commercial development - totally unsuitable for such development.

I also refer AND OBJECT to SS0918 (Boss Hoggs) being unsuitable for a mix of commercial and housing. given it would exponentially increase traffic along Old London Road.

I also OBJECT to SS0620 as it would amount to unwanted ribbon development and change a pleasant country lane into a commercial corridor. Access down that lane is just not sufficient.

I am fully willing to co-operate with meaningful proposals.

More details about Rep ID: 3478

Representation ID: 3384

OBJECT Mr Richard Barnes


To develop this area is once again going to put a strain on all ameinities in the area a create more traffic and pollution at this end of the Old London Road.

More details about Rep ID: 3384

Representation ID: 3234

OBJECT Ms Stella Morland-Pearce


Very narrow lane and poor junction. Additional traffic would only worsen the situation

More details about Rep ID: 3234

Representation ID: 3146

OBJECT Iain Pocock


Road access is inadequate with lanes being only suitable for one way traffic. Intersection with London Road is already dangerous and having caused a fatal accident which will only increase with greater use (and Belstead quarry). As with all the C&W sites there is no village infrastructure to support major levels of incremental housing but this location is particularly poor for access

More details about Rep ID: 3146

Representation ID: 3124

OBJECT Mr Mark Gladwell


I was born in Copdock 71 years ago and have lived both on Back Lane and on Elm Lane. These two narrow country roads, which have not been upgraded in all this time, are totally unsuitable to take any extra traffic. They are neither wide enough to accommodate business traffic nor have pavements. Without a detailed infrastructure plan I believe it would be irresponsible to support any development on this proposed site.

More details about Rep ID: 3124

Representation ID: 3080

OBJECT Mr & Mrs Andrew Burl


Will impact the nature of the villages of Copdock and Washbrook in respect of traffic, noise and spoiling the balance of the village
.We are against agreeing to business use in an area that is currently all residential.

More details about Rep ID: 3080

Representation ID: 3058

COMMENT Mr Peter Sutters


Site for new enlarged primary school possibly - this would create additional employment.

More details about Rep ID: 3058

Representation ID: 2838

OBJECT Mrs Susan Mundy


Not suitable for business use. No road access. Elm Lane and Back Lane narrow lanes. |Lorry access to village restricted to Old London Road as Heavy vehicles can only go north up Swan Hill. Would destroy prime agricultural land

More details about Rep ID: 2838

Representation ID: 2741

OBJECT mr david green


the infrastructure of the roads/ lanes around this site would not cope with the extra traffic. plus the junction at elm road / blestead road is already very dangerous, with a fatal accident happening there.
loss of community resources (the allotments)

More details about Rep ID: 2741

Representation ID: 2102

OBJECT Mr Adrian Hutchings


Back Lane and Elm Lane are narrow roads with dangerous corners and would not support additional traffic.

Ad hoc solution by tacking on development to an area which does not have appropriate infrastructure does not meet the need for long term sustainable development.

More details about Rep ID: 2102

Representation ID: 1504



Loss of the allotments would be loss of a community facility and asset. These types of development should be helping build infrastructure not destroying it. Some funds from CIL or S106 will not be sufficient to resort this community asset.

More details about Rep ID: 1504

Representation ID: 1326

OBJECT Mrs Celia Jane Fisher


Too much industrial building. This would turn the village into an industrial park and bring traffic that the roads could not cope with.

More details about Rep ID: 1326

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