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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - SS0945 - Land south of London Road and west of Mill Lane

Representation ID: 12837

OBJECT Copdock and Washbrook Parish Council (Angela Chapman)


Wrongly described. Made up ground which may not be suitable to build on. Will add to traffic congestion. Young children will have to cross busy dual carriageway to and from school.

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Representation ID: 12821

COMMENT Copdock and Washbrook Parish Council (Angela Chapman)


We think you mean east of the London Road, South of Mill Lane. Serving Gladwell's Country Store and Mill.

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Representation ID: 12300

OBJECT Mr Mag Osborne


Apart from an incorrect description in the plan, this land being developed for business use is absurd. It backs on to 2 heritage listed building areas and unless heavily screened would ruin these building aspects.
Again - no infrastructure, roads or traffic management ideas - just developed.

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Representation ID: 12219

OBJECT M Flaherty


Major alterations would be required to the A12 junction as Swan Hill is not suitable for all traffic. This Agricultural Land must provide future food for the country.

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Representation ID: 10117

COMMENT Historic England (Katie Parsons)


To the northeast of sites SS0945* and SS0245 lie the Grade II listed Mill House and
Copdock Mill, whilst to the south lies the Grade II* listed Church of St Peter and
Grade II listed barn at Copdock Hall.

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Representation ID: 9312



Industrial areas should be well away from the village (in particular SS0945). Existing
families should not be subjected to increased levels of noise and pollution.
The existence of Gladwells at Copdock Mill ( it has been there for decades) should not be
a reason to turn adjacent land into an industrial estate.
This land would be better utilised to provide incremental increases in housing
provision and local amenities (retirement accommodation, school, doctors' surgery

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Representation ID: 8584

OBJECT Mr Graham Moxon


This land with proposed "Employment Use" fronts the Old London Road.

There is inadequate infrastructure to support this as a commercial site.

Exiting towards the Capel St. Mary A12 junction would be essential for large commercial vehicles but the A12 infrastructure is already woefully over subscribed with dreadful rush hour traffic delays at the A12 / A14 Copdock interchange.

There would be loss of wildlife habitat and footpaths in an attractive location.

More details about Rep ID: 8584

Representation ID: 8116

OBJECT Mrs Linda Emery


SS 0945 The increase in traffic turning off/onto the A12 Jr would increase danger for motorists and cyclists, an activity the council seeks to encourage, not least with the increase of and proposed plans for cycle lane provision.

Congestion issues already exist on Swan Hill, A12 Jr A12 and Copdock Interchange. Highways Department should be consulted regarding the Joint Local Plans's cumulative impact on local roads, should it proceed IN IT'S ENTIRETY, with findings being noted and made publicly available.

Consultation regarding impact/ recommendations for upgrades to the existing struggling sewerage pipes should be made, noted and publicly reported.

More details about Rep ID: 8116

Representation ID: 7393

OBJECT Mrs Joanne Bray


Such a large development would not constitute a village environment and would have a serious impact on our village.
Increased air, noise and light pollution.
This is agricultural land and we need to keep them. Once a field has been built on its been lost forever.
Impact on loss of wildlife habitats.
Insufficient infrastructure we currently struggle to get doctors appointments and the schools are full. The village roads are over run especially when there are problems with the A12 Copdock. The A12 Copdock is expected to be at full capacity by 2021 without taking this proposed development into consideration.

More details about Rep ID: 7393

Representation ID: 7268

OBJECT Mr Watling Michael


To use this large area for industrial use would change the character of the village. Our infrastructure and that around the village is not adequate to cope with this type of development. To provide accommodation for the workforce required would require large housing areas which the residents of the village do not want. Whilst small residential developments are inevitable large scale developments are not wanted.

More details about Rep ID: 7268

Representation ID: 5601

OBJECT mr simon downey


site access - there have already been fatalities on the old London road - at rush hours it is dangerous , and it would need crossing to reach the school and main village areas.
setting - building in this location would impact on the setting of heritage buildings in the area (the church and Copdock hall etc.), and would impact on existing wildlife which frequent the area.
sustainability - a large development cannot be supported by the road or current amenities in the village (school, local doctors etc.)

More details about Rep ID: 5601

Representation ID: 4406

OBJECT Mr Terry Corner


Direct effect on volume of traffic heading for Ipswich and Sproughton/Claydon. Regular ques from Wights Corner via Swan Hill, Beagle roundabout, Hadleigh road junction and Hadleigh Road/London Road. Ranelagh. Some leave at Beagle roundabout for Sproughton and Claydon.North bound carriageway on A12 urgently needs attention to free up lanes in the village.

More details about Rep ID: 4406

Representation ID: 3885

OBJECT Mr Clive Pearsons


I have lived in Washbrook for 73 years, seen many housing developments which have been of up to 40 properties at at time with the next development not taking place for another 4/5 years. This allows the village to intrigate the new residents into the community, and stops the village from stagnating. I would support a similar plan for the next 20 years, but only if I could be assured that road, health and education services could be provided to keep pace with this increase. We have road chaos & difficulty in obtaining doctors appointments.

More details about Rep ID: 3885

Representation ID: 3855

OBJECT Mrs Michaela Chan


No infrasructure in place. Loss of wildlife habitats. Noise and air pollution.

More details about Rep ID: 3855

Representation ID: 3852

OBJECT Mrs Michaela Chan


No infrasructure in place. Loss of wildlife habitats. Noise and air pollution.

More details about Rep ID: 3852

Representation ID: 3573

OBJECT Mr Richard Barnes


This area is to big near to the existing village of Washbrook. It will add traffic to an already busy junction that becomes jammed up at rush hour times. Any development would be cut off from the existing village by the old A12 running through the middle of what would become a new village.

More details about Rep ID: 3573

Representation ID: 3061

OBJECT Mr Peter Sutters


1)Dangerous crossing of Old London Road to school and existing village
2) Has land made up from spoil from nearby Gladwell's site.
3) Too close to historic Copdock Hall and St. Peter's Church.
4) Prime agricultural land

More details about Rep ID: 3061

Representation ID: 2742

OBJECT mr david green


the infrastructure of the roads/lanes around copdock could not cope with all the extra commercial vehicles lorries can not pass each other on swan hill.
higher noise and air pollution.
the land has severally public footpaths cris crossing it. which are used regularly.

More details about Rep ID: 2742

Representation ID: 1325

OBJECT Mrs Celia Jane Fisher


Jubilee Meadow is a flood meadow and therefore would present building problems also street access could be difficult at that busy corner.

Too much industrial building. This would turn the village into an industrial park and bring traffic that the roads could not cope with.

More details about Rep ID: 1325

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