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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - SS0918 - Land east of London Road

Representation ID: 12959

COMMENT Suffolk County Council (Mr. Robert Feakes)


Belstead Quarry Extension - The current safeguarding areas are proposed to change to more defined areas. Sand and gravel is a nationally important resource and Suffolk has a sand and gravel sub regional apportionment figure and it is required to plan for sites to meet this apportionment. The minerals safeguarding area (MSA) is an area of potential mineral resource, identified through the best available data from the British Geological Survey. Its purpose is to protect potentially exploitable sand and gravel deposits from being sterilised by development on top of, or adjacent to those deposits. Following guidance in defining this area , the County Council is looking to safeguard all areas of sand and gravel within the county with an additional 250m buffer to prevent sterilisation of the sand and gravel resource by adjacent development.

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Representation ID: 12834

OBJECT Copdock and Washbrook Parish Council (Angela Chapman)


Dual carriageway does not automatically mean good road access. High proportion of journeys will be towards Ipswich. Traffic will have to cross the London Road, to turn right and then head for congestion at Whights Corner, Swan Hill junction, Swan Hill, Beagle roundabout, Hadleigh Road Junction. At that point congestion might ease. Using either Hadleigh Road or London Road traffic will meet up at Hadleigh Road, Ranelagh Road and London Road junction. Suffolk draft Mineral Plan will create noise and dust on the opposite side of the A12 adjacent to this site extraction takes place. Believe destined for a land fill site in years to come adding smell and wind bourne rubbish.

More details about Rep ID: 12834

Representation ID: 12453

OBJECT Mrs Zena Gravener


This site is ancient farming land, with at least 2 green lanes & several footpaths crossing it. There are ancient oaks and other trees. It is inhabited by badgers, foxes, bats, owls, newts and other wildlife. Adjacent to this site are 4 grade 2 listed buildings. Obviously this site is NOT suitable industrial use, it would be TOTALLY out of place and ruin what is essentially an ancient, rural site, albeit sandwiched between two dual carriageways. Housing would completely ruin what is an oasis of special, traditional English countryside, which is all too rare in this situation. This particular site, from J R travel to Boss Hoggs should at all costs be preserved for future residents to enjoy and know what traditional countryside was like.

More details about Rep ID: 12453

Representation ID: 12386

OBJECT Mrs Stacey Achour


Would be better to create more purpose built development like idea of 'Garden City' where provision of services etc. is considered alongside the housing.
This is not the area - Copdock/Washbrook because of the congested poorly designed A12/14 Interchange and Copdock is totally isolated & stationary when there are issues with the Interchange due to the sheer volume of traffic.

More details about Rep ID: 12386

Representation ID: 12280

OBJECT Mr Mag Osborne


With the continued reduction on business usage uptake throughout the local area, this council is now suggesting building more to an outdated business model of continual expansion. Once again - no infrastructure is identified, and no traffic management plans. The increase in vehicle movement would be detrimental on an overloaded network.

More details about Rep ID: 12280

Representation ID: 12234

OBJECT Mr Raheem Achour


100 houses on the marked land is disproportionate to size of village and the village does not have
1. Infrastructure
2. School/doctors/dentist/shop with no plan of how it would provide this and can't add further pressure/burden to surrounding areas. There is already congestion on Old London Road through Washbrook at peak times.
* Air quality will reduce with extra traffic as no one can walk/cycle as poor infrastructure.
*Not appropriate to build around/encircle historically important listed buildings.
*Copdock & Washbrook is NOT Ipswich Fringe and should not be allowed housing as this. It is hinterland.
*New housing unlikely to suit/be in keeping with the village.
*The Old London Road is dangerous as currently is let alone with more cars.

More details about Rep ID: 12234

Representation ID: 12217

OBJECT M Flaherty


Pollution from old and new A12. Without considerable updating existing A12 access would be dangerous. Crops taken away.

More details about Rep ID: 12217

Representation ID: 10886

OBJECT Mrs Elena Stephenson


A12 and Old London Road are operating above their capacity now
There will be an Impact on the sensitive landscapes and historic environment
Local services and facilities are already stretched beyond the capacity

More details about Rep ID: 10886

Representation ID: 10125

COMMENT Historic England (Katie Parsons)


Site SS064SS0918* is a substantial site and its development would have a
significant impact upon the character and appearance of the area. However, the site
is bounded by two existing roads to the east and west which would help contain
development. The road to the west is a Roman Road which increases the potential
archaeological interest of the site. The Grade II listed Copdock Lodge and Felcourt
are located to the north of the site.
Any development of these sites has the potential to impact upon these heritage
assets. The presence of these heritage assets should be considered carefully as part
of the site allocation process.

More details about Rep ID: 10125

Representation ID: 8952

OBJECT Mr Hugh Richards


The village is small and has barely any infrastructure; certainly not sufficient to cope with the volume of proposed housing and industrial development. Pollution will be increased and the character of the village will be completely changed for the worse. In particular, the old A12 is already used by traffic every morning and evening as a rat run to avoid the roundabout at the A12/A14 junction so without major traffic management measures being introduced, Copdock will become a car park.

More details about Rep ID: 8952

Representation ID: 8710

OBJECT Mr Joshua Thorpe


I live in a 500 year old grade 2 listed thatch Cottage that as it stands if planning consent is agreed could have 150 house and industrial units surrounding it to 3 sides. The construction of this development could seriously impact the stability of the ground that my house sits on and could be detrimental to the foundation of my house and it's structure. Also the amount of noise and light pollution would be significantly increased if this goes ahead which will be detrimental to my life and that of the a wildlife.

More details about Rep ID: 8710

Representation ID: 8023

OBJECT Mrs Linda Emery


SS0918 No provision seems to have been made for the enormous increase in village inhabitants and road users. The impact on and infrastructure changes proposed for the areas Schools, Doctors, Dentists, an already struggling sewerage system, Queues on the A12 and A12 Jr and Swan Hill need to be investigated by relevant bodies, with findings being made publicly available.

The increase in traffic turning off/onto the A12 Jr would increase danger for motorists and cyclists, an activity the council seeks to encourage, not least with the increase of and proposed plans for cycle lane provision.

More details about Rep ID: 8023

Representation ID: 7382

OBJECT Mrs Joanne Bray


Such a large development would not constitute a village environment and would have a serious impact on our village.
Increased air, noise and light pollution.
This is agricultural land and we need to keep them. Once a field has been built on its been lost forever.
Impact on loss of wildlife habitats.
Insufficient infrastructure we currently struggle to get doctors appointments and the schools are full. The village roads are over run especially when there are problems with the A12 Copdock. The A12 Copdock is expected to be at full capacity by 2021 without taking this proposed development into consideration.

More details about Rep ID: 7382

Representation ID: 7298

OBJECT Mr Watling Michael


Too large development area, some controlled ribbon development could be acceptable but not on the scale proposed. Education, medical facilities and traffic movements to Ipswich not adequate now, a development of this size would overload the roads even more.

More details about Rep ID: 7298

Representation ID: 7158

OBJECT Andrew Butters


There is some evidence that living within 200 metres of a busy road represents an increased risk to health over the long term.

As some of this land is within 200m of the main A12 (which is extremely busy, often with stationary or slow-moving traffic which tails back to this point from the Copdock interchange), it would surely be irresponsible to permit new development upon it.

More details about Rep ID: 7158

Representation ID: 7157

OBJECT Mr David Marsh


Given the 35.5 hectares of brown field land available at the former Sproughton sugar beet factory for b1 and residential use I find it hard to see how a 'green field' development can be justified here. In addition access to Ipswich would mean turning right across the at times very busy Old London Road dual carriage way.

More details about Rep ID: 7157

Representation ID: 5617

OBJECT mr simon downey


similar objections to SS0624 on site access, location and sustainability. (it was not clear to me which site 0624 and site 0918 were from the map - which shows the same location shaded).
This area in particular is a potentially large development which would not form "part" of the existing village - the national planning policy framework document does not recommend such types of development.

More details about Rep ID: 5617

Representation ID: 4418

OBJECT Mr Terry Corner


Adversely affecting traffic flow towards Ipswich. Adversely affected by proposed mineral extraction site on opposite side of A12.

More details about Rep ID: 4418

Representation ID: 4411

OBJECT Mr Terry Corner


Poor road access. Will add to daily traffic queues. Adversely affected by proposed mineral extraction site on opposite side of A12.

More details about Rep ID: 4411

Representation ID: 3890

OBJECT Mr Clive Pearsons


This area of land is bordered by two busy highways. We should not expect people to have to live in an area which has so much traffic noise. The number of properties proposed is too great for the village and it's local services to absorb. The trafic in this area is already at saturation point at peak times, and affects the rest of the village.

More details about Rep ID: 3890

Representation ID: 3420

OBJECT Mr Colin Hinkins


As agreed with Shareen - she has kindly agreed to paste in my 100 word comment that your form incorrectly rejected

More details about Rep ID: 3420

Representation ID: 3065

OBJECT Mr Peter Sutters


1) Prime agricultural land.
2) Provides a green lung to Copdock & Washbrook from A12
3) Would add to road congestion
4) Way out of village settlement boundary

More details about Rep ID: 3065

Representation ID: 2837

OBJECT Mrs Susan Mundy


Loss of prime farmland and the rural aspect of the village changing charcter completely. Would destroy ancient rights of way and hedgerows including the diverse and already threatened wildlife species.Would cause noise and light pollution and increase congestion. No facilities locally for doctor, dentist, school

More details about Rep ID: 2837

Representation ID: 2745

OBJECT mr david green


the infrastructure of the roads/lanes in and around copdock could not cope with the extra traffic.
copdock and capel primary school and east bergholt high school have limited or no spaces.
the local doctors surgery's have no or few space for new patients.
higher air and noise pollution.

More details about Rep ID: 2745

Representation ID: 2566

OBJECT Jill Worrall


I strongly object to the development of an industrial site on the proposed land. These fields and countryside are used by many villagers for dog walking, recreational walks, cyclists and contains many ancient oak trees and hedgerows , supporting wildlife such as hedgehogs who are disappearing fast and soon to be a protected species.
Damage to this unique, precious countryside, such as this by proposed development will be irreparable.

More details about Rep ID: 2566

Representation ID: 2536

OBJECT Lucy Worrall


Over- populating Copdock would increase crime rates, pollution and lower the quality of life. Thus, ruining the villages infrastructure and historical values.

Copdock Church was broken into last month, we do not want a continual repeat of this due to your overpopulating on our ground.

More details about Rep ID: 2536

Representation ID: 952

OBJECT Mr Kristian Thorpe


Our property to have it's boundary extended as has been done with our neighbouring properties.
Current infrastructure of Copdock & Washbrook is not good enough for over 600 houses and Industrial areas.
Old A12 already used as a rat run by commuters and current A12 soon to running above capacity

More details about Rep ID: 952

Representation ID: 423

OBJECT Mrs Wendy Thorpe


I live in a 500 year old Grade II listed cottage currently with fields to 3 sides. If this development goes ahead I will be surround with new builds to 3 sides of my house. This is not why I moved to this location 11 years ago. My Chocolate Box cottage will be devalued.
The village does not have the amenities for further housing, the infrastructure the road could not cope with the addition people and traffic.
We have a lot of wildlife living in these fields. Crested Newts are often seen in the ponds. Wild ducks often breed here.

More details about Rep ID: 423

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