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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - SS0245 - Jubilee Meadow, Mill Lane, Copdock, Ipswich, IP8 3HU

Representation ID: 12836

OBJECT Copdock and Washbrook Parish Council (Angela Chapman)


Wrongly described. Made up ground which may not be suitable to build on. Will add to traffic congestion. Young children will have to cross busy dual carriageway to and from school.

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Representation ID: 12822

COMMENT Copdock and Washbrook Parish Council (Angela Chapman)


Jubilee Meadow is on the flood plain and is the Village Recreation site. See SS0945.
Mill lane was split into two when the London Road was built. Subsequently developed into a dual carriage way. Perhaps should be regarded as Mill Lane East and West.

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Representation ID: 12264

COMMENT Mr Mag Osborne


Are you seriously going to build on a flood plain, or has this area been misidentified?

More details about Rep ID: 12264

Representation ID: 12179

OBJECT Marilyn Baldry


The access to this area is for 250 houses and is not suitable. Routes out of the village from here would be Swan Hill which at rush hour is at gridlock. How would traffic cross the road. There is no safe crossing at that point at the moment for pedestrians and there are no plans for one. 250 houses would generate numerous children - our school is full. 250 houses would generate more than 250 extra cars - more noise and air pollution.

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Representation ID: 12174

OBJECT Graham Baldry


A development of 250 houses in a village of just 464 houses would totally overwhelm the area as a village. Not to mention the lack of increase in infrastructure improvements to cope. As the village is used as "by-pass" for the Copdock Interchange any increase in traffic from this development would totally seize up Swan Hill and old A12.

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Representation ID: 12118

OBJECT Mrs S Leeks


1. Flood plain
2. Have flooded several times, including over path & road (that I know of in last 10 yrs)
3. Roads unable to cope at peak times now without even more traffic.
4. School already full
5. Difficult to get Drs. appointment now

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Representation ID: 11381

OBJECT Mrs Muriel Pearsons


I object to the amount of housing being proposed for development. In all villages there should be a small amount of new houses every 5 years or so to make sure it can be absorbed into the community especially for school and infrastructure.
The roads are not adequate at the moment let alone future development. We have no shops or post office, all has to use roads for school, shopping, work, many houses have at least 2 cars and the bus is every 2 hours.

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Representation ID: 10880

OBJECT Mrs Elena Stephenson


A12 and Old London Road are operating above their capacity now
There will be an Impact on the sensitive landscapes and historic environment
Local services and facilities are already stretched beyond the capacity

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Representation ID: 10118

COMMENT Historic England (Katie Parsons)


To the northeast of sites SS0945* and SS0245 lie the Grade II listed Mill House and
Copdock Mill, whilst to the south lies the Grade II* listed Church of St Peter and
Grade II listed barn at Copdock Hall.

More details about Rep ID: 10118

Representation ID: 9311



I find it almost impossible to comment on the overall proposals without knowing what
improvements are proposed to roads in the area. Swan Hill is currently a log jam at peak
times and any expansion will make life more impossible and hazardous for villagers.
The exit from the village from The Street onto Chapel Lane is dangerous now and would
become more so with increased traffic density.
I accept the need for some sensible, properly planned expansion of the village in a
controlled manner.

More details about Rep ID: 9311

Representation ID: 8642

OBJECT Mr Graham Moxon


Crossing the Old London Road either on foot or by vehicle dangerous during rush hour.

Increased traffic exiting towards the Capel St. Mary A12 junction, A12 infrastructure woefully over subscribed with dreadful rush hour traffic delays at A12 / A14 Copdock interchange.

Alternative route following Swan Hill to Sproughton over stretched at rush hour. Additional strain on villages such as Sproughton.

Loss of wildlife habitat and footpaths.

No spare capacity at the Copdock Primary school or local GP surgeries.

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Representation ID: 7943

OBJECT Mr Simon Gibbs


The transport links are awful, there is 7.5ton exclusion in Sproughton and swan hill so all traffic from the west will have to go round the Copdock Interchange. There is already severe build up of traffic this will only add to that

Elm Lane is exactly that a lane it is a single track width with no passing places
This would not fit within a village setting and that is what Copdcok/Washbrook is it is not a part of Ipswich

More details about Rep ID: 7943

Representation ID: 7885

OBJECT Mrs Linda Emery


SS0245 This area is a well known flood plain and therefore totally unsuitable for development. Reports regarding flooding, sewerage capacity and the structural efficiency of buildings potentially placed on this sight should be sought and then made publicly available.
Previous experience shows flood plain development causes misery for homeowners, problems for utility providers and for the council, where flood water that previously dissipated naturally flows elsewhere.
There is no plan proposed regarding increase in infrastructure to accommodate a huge increase in village inhabitants.
Undoubtable increase in RTA rate with inevitable increase in access/turning points and traffic.

More details about Rep ID: 7885

Representation ID: 7325

OBJECT Mr Watling Michael


A major residential proposal which goes against what local residents want to see happen. Our present road network and that of surrounding areas will not cope with the extra traffic flows. Present education and medical facilities are nor adequate to cope with the size of this type of development..

More details about Rep ID: 7325

Representation ID: 5626

OBJECT mr simon downey


similar objections to SS0945 on site access, location and sustainability.

as noted by others, there are footpaths in this area that are well used and surrounded by beautiful countryside and wildlife. There are heritage buildings in the area. The credential amenity of the village would be hugely and irreversibly impacted by any development in this area.

More details about Rep ID: 5626

Representation ID: 4420

OBJECT Mr Terry Corner


Incorrectly described. Made up ground unsuitable for building on. Would add to traffic congestion towards Ipswich

More details about Rep ID: 4420

Representation ID: 4415

OBJECT Mr Terry Corner


Made up ground considered unsuitable to build on.
Will adversely affect traffic flow towards Ipswich. Children will have to cross London Road to reach school.

More details about Rep ID: 4415

Representation ID: 3860

OBJECT Mrs Michaela Chan


No infrasructure in place. Loss of wildlife habitats. Noise and air pollution increased.

More details about Rep ID: 3860

Representation ID: 3839

OBJECT Mrs Michaela Chan


No infrastructure in place. Air and noise pollution already high due to the increased traffic using the old london road as a rat run and from the existing industrial sites.

More details about Rep ID: 3839

Representation ID: 3062

OBJECT Mr Peter Sutters


1) Dangerous crossing of Old London Road to school and existing village
2) Has land made up from spoil from nearby Gladwell's site.
3) Too close to historic Copdock Hall and St. Peter's Church.
4) Prime agricultural land

More details about Rep ID: 3062

Representation ID: 2839

OBJECT Mrs Susan Mundy


Land at north end of site is made up with spoil from Gladwells development. The vehicle movements created will all have to use the London Road creating hazards at the junction with Church Lane and Elm Lane. these are very dangerous to exit from particularly at rush hour.

More details about Rep ID: 2839

Representation ID: 2746

OBJECT mr david green


copdock and capel primary school and east bergholt higher school have limited or no spaces.
local doctors surgery's have limited or no spaces.
the infrastructure of the roads/lanes in and around copdock would not cope with the extra traffic. the junction at mill road/London road is already dangerous without adding another exit/entrance.
public footpaths cris cross on this site. which are well used.

More details about Rep ID: 2746

Representation ID: 2098

OBJECT Mr Adrian Hutchings


Traffic problems; old A12 acts as barrier to integration with existing villages. Lack of village services and infrastructure

More details about Rep ID: 2098

Representation ID: 2028



This plan is totally impractical. Proposed total of 600 homes and industrial units would overwhelm the infrastructure of the village. Huge sums of money would be needed to upgrade current roads, sewage and utilities. There are not sufficient bus services, G.P's, schools to support this number of new residents, on proposed site ref SS0245 is a flood plain!! The whole scheme is ridiculous and badly thought through.

More details about Rep ID: 2028

Representation ID: 1324

OBJECT Mrs Celia Jane Fisher


Jubilee Meadow is a flood meadow and therefore would present building problems also street access could be difficult at that busy corner.

Overall - the number of houses etc recommended for building in the village could not be sustained by the village school and the doctor's surgery.

More details about Rep ID: 1324

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