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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - SS0181 - Land north west of Moores Lane

Representation ID: 10559

COMMENT Countryside Properties (Mrs Emma Woods)


The site is considered to be in a sustainable location for residential development and has no unsurmountable delivery constraints. Based on an approximate low end density of 20 dwellings per hectare the additional site area surrounding the already granted land can accommodate approximately 220 new dwellings, open space, landscaping and associated uses. Although the remaining site area is Greenfield land, the land has the ability to be incorporated into a sustainable development site that has resolution to grant planning permission rather than an alternative Greenfield site in the village where new development could be unsustainable. Land is owned by a single landowner and can be made available for immediate promotion

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Representation ID: 10128

COMMENT Historic England (Katie Parsons)


There are a number of Grade II listed buildings located to the south of the boundary
of site SS0181 as well as the Grade II* Chaplins although there are no known
designated heritage assets within the site itself. Grade II listed Woodgates Farm is
also located to the north east of the proposed site allocation. The site would result in
a substantial extension to the existing settlement as such consideration should be
given to the edge of the development and how it would relate with the wider
landscape as well as affecting the setting of the historic settlement core which
contains the East Bergholt Conservation Area.

The presence of these heritage assets should be considered carefully as part of the
site allocation process.

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Representation ID: 2159

OBJECT Lyn Matthews


I have recently moved to the area and was aware of the East Bergholt Local Plans that appeared to be an acceptable approach to the development of the village. This large development is not and will change the character, road use and general feel of the whole village.I would expect that such an increase would need supportive infrastructure.

I feel that Babergurgh has misinformed me and I have bought the property in the area on the misinformation.

More details about Rep ID: 2159

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