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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - SS0242 - Land at Tye Farm, Great Cornard

Representation ID: 11859

OBJECT Cornard Tye Residents Association (Mr. Michael Evans)


I consider Tye Farm as a most unsuitable site for such a large development. The assessment seems to have overlooked the planning history of Tye Farm and the recent planning problems on the adjacent development East of Carsons Drive now called Woodland Rise.
The consultation document states "planning history -none ". This is incorrect as HS09J Shawlands Avenue included in the draft of the current Local Plan was on Tye Farm Land and was removed from the Local Plan Alteration 2 following the Inspector's recommendation.

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Representation ID: 11516

OBJECT Great Cornard Parish Council (Nadine Tamlyn )


GCPC acknowledge the adoption of this policy and understands the housing need. Site is entirely unsuitable for large scale allocation of employment uses, and this should be withdrawn.

GCPC has stipulated a number of criteria to be met when considering the type/location of development:
70m contour line is not breached
No part of development should be visible from Cornard Tye
The remaining agricultural land between Shawlands Avenue, Newton Road and Sheepshead Hill be allocated as Country Park.
S106 agreement should ensure area is dedicated for recreation and country park to Great Cornard Parish Council.
Serious consideration should be given to minimizing light spillage.
Protection of Shawlands Woods Local Nature Reserve
Flood Risk
Safe routes from the development to the main village must be a prime consideration
Ensure safe access to enter/exit A134
Address need for cemetery space & doctor services in Great Cornard.

Recommends site is reduced to meet Appendix A. HS09J Shawlands Avenue was removed from the current Local Plan following inspector's recommendations that it was not a sustainable site.

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Representation ID: 11267

OBJECT Suffolk Wildlife Trust (Mr James Meyer)


Sites SS0242, SS0243 and SS0942 - these sites represent a large block of land which is likely to contain species and/or habitats of nature conservation interest. Further assessment is therefore required to determine whether development in this location is likely to result in any adverse ecological impacts.

More details about Rep ID: 11267

Representation ID: 10826

OBJECT Mr AWR Lockhart


This location is totally unsuited for such development

More details about Rep ID: 10826

Representation ID: 5978

OBJECT Dr David Taylor


Adverse effect on landscape, recreation and wildlife, especially the important escarpment of Shawlands Wood nature reserve and the flower rich rough grassland along its NE boundary.
Excessive area for development with inadequate infrastructure, especially with controversial new development on Sheepshead Hill (Woodland Rise).
Sheepshead Hill, already a dangerous narrow link road, would be unable to cope with traffic.

More details about Rep ID: 5978

Representation ID: 3626

OBJECT debbie ping


Overdevelopment particularly since the development currently being built to the east of Sheepshaed Hill (Woodland Rise) is not even identified on the map and once completed will add significantly to population and traffic pressures.
Loss of important green space / farmland / wildlife corridors. It isn't clear where Shawland Wood NR fits into this but would appear to be surrounded and therefore isolated. Meadows to the north of Shawlands Ave are important for wildflowers (3 species of orchid), insects / butterflies, reptiles and birds.

More details about Rep ID: 3626

Representation ID: 2817

OBJECT Mr. Nick Miller for Sudbury Green Belt Group


WE OBJECT VERY STRONGLY. This is one of the five most precious of the scenes round Sudbury and Cornard that are threatened by development.
FIRST: 1.3.3 & 1.4.6 of the Joint Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Council Landscape Guidance 2015, are ignored, and 2.3.3 & 2.15.1 would surely be contrary.
SECOND: throughout this whole plan, we clearly see an issue of Gt Cornard as a 'dumping ground' for more and more building on valley sides and valley floor.
THIRD: the plan ignores the adverse rulings of the Inspector's Report on 'Babergh DC Local Plan Alteration no 2' 2005.

More details about Rep ID: 2817

Representation ID: 2016

OBJECT Mrs A Nichols


The land behind current housing at Sheepshead Hill to the Bridal Path went before a pre-enquiry BDC Chamber 17 June 2004, the land was considered unsuitable. Why has the land suddenly become suitable now? What has changed to make it suitable?

I believe this proposed development is far too big for Great Cornard. We have yet to see what impact Woodland Rise will bring to current services eg roads, traffic, doctors, schools, as this development is currently being built.

More details about Rep ID: 2016

Representation ID: 421

COMMENT Mr Nicholas Toop


I understand an earlier planning application for this site was rejected but I can find no reference to this. Why have things changed?
What are the demographics of the proposed new population?
I am very much in favour of sheltered accomodation for elderly people. I think older people would support the town centre but more and more younger people just use the internet.

More details about Rep ID: 421

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