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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - SS0231 - Land to the south of Wheatfields

Representation ID: 11528

COMMENT Wincer Kievenaar LLP (Mr Philip Branton)


I can confirm that since the site was submitted during the SHELAA 'call for sites' Wincer Kievenaar
Architects have been appointed by the land owner as Planning agents, and are currently preparing an
outline planning application for residential development, with the intention to submit an application
early 2018.

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Representation ID: 10188

COMMENT Historic England (Katie Parsons)


This site allocation would be located adjacent to a small fairly modern residential
comprising low rise properties set in large plots with public green spaces. The only
known designated heritage asset which could be affected is the grade II listed
Barrard's Hall to the south west. Any new development of the proposed site should
reflect the pattern of existing development and should have regard for the setting of
the nearby Grade II listed building.

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Representation ID: 10064

OBJECT Whatfield Parish Council (Ms Lynn King)


Planning application on the site was refused in 2015 (Refusal dated 26 June 2015). Since that decision nothing has changed within the village that would result in a similar planning application now being granted. Need to reconsider what you believe to have changed in the intervening two years that would suggest to you that the same land and more is now to be considered as being "green lit" for development by being included in the final Local Plan. Allowing the agricultural land to the South East of Wheatfields to be included in the final version of the JLP will inevitably lead to Whatfield taking on additional development entirely disproportionate to its current size, identity and sustainability.

More details about Rep ID: 10064

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