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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - SS0859 - Land south of Church Road, Bacton

Representation ID: 9486

OBJECT Bacton Parish Council (mrs tina newell)


We object to this large site being included within the settlement boundary, it is opposite the Manor House and between The Bull public house and St.Mary's Church, and is much as it was 200 years ago. It contributes to the rural nature of the village and provides a classic setting for the Manor House which is currently visible from a large area of the surrounding countryside.

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Representation ID: 9246

OBJECT The Gooderham Family and ESCO Developments Ltd represented by Cheffins Planning & Development (Mr Jon Jennings)


In view of the constraints regarding heritage, landscape visual impact and impacts on the character and appearance of Bacton it is not considered that this site is suitable for development. Principally, the assessment fails to demonstrate how this site is considered to respond to the setting of a Grade II*Listed Building.

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Representation ID: 2155

OBJECT Mr James Fowler


These ancient grass meadows are known as The Park fields and would have been attached to Bacton Manor/ They have for generations been used for grazing cattle and horses. They have been used for the annual Bacton Fayre and millennium cellebrations and horse shows. What a special place it is in the centre of Bacton, more like a village green. It would be a terrible crime to have the whole centre of Bacton build over.

More details about Rep ID: 2155

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