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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - SS0104 - Land west of De Saumarez Drive, Barham

Representation ID: 10206

COMMENT Historic England (Katie Parsons)


The Grade I Registered Park and Garden (RPAG) of Shrubhall Hall, a historic country estate comprising a grade II* country house within a grade I registered landscape, lie to the north of the existing settlement adjacent to sites SS0104, SS0164, SS0551 and SS0076, to the south lies the Grade I listed Church of St Mary. There is concern that the allocation of these sites would erode the rural setting of the Church of St Mary and the setting of the Shrubland Hall RPAG which is already at risk and appears on the 2017 Heritage at Risk register. The open landscape setting is an important aspect.

At this stage we have concerns regarding these allocations but without knowing the quantum or nature of development it is not possible to provide more detailed comments. Heritage Impact Assessments would be useful. This would identify the mitigation measures required.

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Representation ID: 6725

SUPPORT Barham Parish Council (Mrs Joanne Culley)


Barham Parish Council supports small scale developments of 10 to 20 houses that are sustainable and over time can become an integral part of the existing village. All developments must have additional infrastructure such as roads, water and sewerage, public services etc provided at the same time to ensure any impact is minimised.
As a Parish Council we are opposed to developments that are larger than 20 - 30 houses as they will destroy the current rural feel to the village.
All developments should respect and enhance the existing environment taking account of wildlife havens footpaths etc.

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Representation ID: 2728

SUPPORT Mr John Holloway



More details about Rep ID: 2728

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